Biden finally admits China (not bats) may have started COVID

Early on, Republicans, beginning with Sen. Tom Cotton and expanding to include Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and many others (including this site), have said the wet market origin theory for COVID didn't stand up and that it made much more sense to look at the nearby virology and military research labs.  The media ridiculed this view, and the tech tyrants aggressively censored it.  Now it looks as if that's exactly what happened — and the Biden administration's response has been completely awful.

COVID has reshaped the world.  Starting at home, it severely damaged the economy, profoundly damaged young people, hastened the elderly to their graves, and unleashed BLM's madness.  Perhaps the most significant effect of COVID isn't either that people or our economy died.  Instead, Democrats weaponized COVID to destroy Trump's glide path to re-election, both by smearing him and, more importantly, by giving Democrats an untrammeled path to massive election fraud.

In just four months, Biden has been the greatest catastrophe ever to befall America.  He's erased our borders, given the economy the kill shot, increased racial tensions, taken myriad steps to import and enfranchise a new population, weakened our military, and kowtowed to China.  That he is in the White House is solely because of COVID.

Although the rest of the world didn't have the political earthquake America did, death and economic destruction have followed in COVID's wake.  And China, taking advantage of the disarray, has aggregated more power.

It's becoming clear that, whether deliberately or through carelessness, the Chinese government was responsible for COVID infecting humans and, once the virus was out of the lab, for weaponizing it against the rest of the world.  Just recently, a professor linked to the Chinese Communist Party boasted that China had successfully accomplished a form of world conquest through biological warfare.  At this point, no one can say he's wrong.

Last fall, long after President Trump and Mike Pompeo had been pointing to China's labs as the source of the virus, Trump began the process of investigating China's role in COVID's origins.  A new report, though, reveals that Biden shut down that inquiry.

To the new administration's chagrin, China's responsibility has become so clear that shameless Democrats are embracing the theory.  Facebook has even stopped deleting every single post that blamed China.  With incredible chutzpah, leftists are claiming that it was Trump who forced them to debunk the theory saying China was responsible.

Faced with the new narrative, Biden has created another investigation — working through the World Health Organization, which has been a China shill from the start.  Matt Whitlock managed to tie it all together in just a few words:

What should be happening is that China becomes a pariah nation.  Every country in the world should begin the process of isolating it as completely as it was isolated before 1972 when Nixon went to China.  Instead, we're already watching the cover-up unfold.

Tucker Carlson has a great round-up of the whole story, so I'll leave you with that:

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