Wow! Top Chinese academic gloats China won the 'biological war' of 2020

A startling admission that China is fighting a "biological war" with the U.S. comes from a video made by a top Chinese academic, trying to persuade the Chinese people that U.S.'s day is over, that our system is outmoded and unsuccessful, and that China is victorious.

The professor who made the startling claim that China has won the "trade war, science & technology war and especially the biological war" looks like a heavy-duty insider who may well be part of the team that manages China's bid to displace the United States as the world's hegemon.

According to his research profile, Dr. Chen Ping must be in his mid- to late 70s, having started college in 1962. His education must have been interrupted by the Cultural Revolution, probably giving him insight into the domestic turmoil currently hobbling the United States, which he so disparages. The six years he spent getting a PhD in Physics at the University of Texas, Austin in the 1980s don't seem to have predisposed him to admire the freedoms we used to enjoy in this country.

What stands out about Professor Chen's work history is that he is now a professor emeritus at Beijing University, China's most prestigious university — where he had proximity to China's ruling communists —  and now has a retirement gig at Fudan University (also highly prestigious) in China's economic capital, Shanghai, where he is "Chair of Academic Committee, Center for New Political Economy."  This puts him at the heart of strategic thinking in China about how to muscle aside the United States.

As Jennifer Zeng, who found the video, points out, he did not say China started a biological war, merely that it won it.  But the fact that a top Chinese adviser is thinking in these terms is pretty significant and places the entire controversy over the origins of COVID in a helpful context.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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