It looks as if China did create and unleash COVID on the world

From the beginning of COVID's outbreak in China, there's been a steady drumbeat of information saying the Chinese created COVID in a lab and, accidentally or on purpose, unleashed it on the world.  The World Health Organization, the Democrats, the Deep State, and the tech tyrants managed to suppress that information in 2020, but it's roared back this year.  Tucker Carlson put the pieces together in his opening monologue and, with help from Chinese scientist Li-Meng Yan, makes it plain that, even if China didn't deliberately release the virus, it turned it into a weapon of biological warfare by withholding information about it.

Here's Tucker's monologue.  I'll have a few words to say after you've had a chance to watch it:

(If you can't watch the video through the above link, you can see it here.)

1. The video above does not include Tucker's most recent interview with Dr. Yan.  She again makes it clear that China created this virus in the lab.  Then she says something ominous: that the virus, because it's been weaponized, almost certainly has dangerous effects on humans that go beyond the obvious first phase sickness.

2. To the extent that Dr. Fauci used taxpayer money to illegally fund gain of function research in China, allowing the Chinese communist party and its military to weaponize viruses, including COVID, firing is not good enough.  He needs to be criminally charged for what he's done.

3. Again, if China deliberately released COVID, that's a clear act of biological warfare.  However, even if China's deplorably sloppy habits resulted in the virus being only accidentally released, China became culpable when it (a) failed to take timely steps to quarantine the virus within its own borders by stopping, rather than encouraging, foreign travel and (b) failed to give the world information it possessed about the virus.  Again, this is an act of war.

4. Currently, while Joe Biden likes to talk a little bit tough about China, his actions have been anything but tough.  One of Biden's first acts was to suspend Trump's Executive Order 13920, which stopped anything that might allow a foreign adversary (e.g., China) from getting near America's electric grid.  And while Biden is holding surprisingly strong on trade, he just allowed his government to end Trump's ban on U.S. investment in Chinese technology.  Biden even banned federal workers from saying "China virus."  It's also clear that secretary of state Blinken is out of his league in dealing with the Chinese.

However, even Biden must be brought to see that, if China really did commit an act of biological warfare against the world, a few little sanctions here and there are inadequate to the offense.  To date, rough estimates are the COVID has killed between 3.5 and 8 million people worldwide, and, as India shows, the virus is still claiming new victims.  This cannot go unpunished.  China needs to be completely isolated from the world in terms of trade, travel, and the flow of money and goods.

5. Just as a reminder, a top Chinese academic has already admitted that this was biological warfare, and he claimed victory for China.  As Tucker Carlson's analysis shows, this is not mere puffery.  One way or another, China fought a successful war and watched the world race to defeat itself.

Image: Tucker Carlson looks at COVID's origins.  Fox News.