Holding China responsible

We may never be able to uncover evidence to convict Chinese President Xi Jinping for crimes against humanity for the 2020 world pandemic that resulted in 3.5 million deaths.  However, there is sufficient evidence to hold China financially responsible for unleashing the coronavirus on the world. 

The Republic of China has shown a disregard for human life, starting with Chairman Mao's "Great Leap Forward" which resulted in the death of up to 45 million people between 1959 and 1960.  The policy of one child per family enacted in 1980 resulted in up to 35 million babies being aborted simply because they were girls.  Chinese leaders sacrificing tens of millions of Chinese to achieve their goal of world domination.

A 2007 National Public Radio article titled "List of Problem Chinese Imports Grows" noted that Chinese products accounted for more than 60 percent of the products recalled for health and safety concerns.  These products ranged from tires, seafood, toys, toothpaste, and even the drugs we count on.  Today, the Chinese fuel the world fentanyl and opioid crisis with their chemical exports while limiting those chemicals in their own country.  China puts its profits and goals ahead of the lives of other countries.  

A close friend spent a number of years in China managing a high-tech manufacturing facility.  After he returned to the U.S., the manufacturing facility's product failure rate skyrocketed.  He spent months analyzing data to trace why the failures were occurring.  He finally uncovered the truth: the data was falsified and equipment settings were incorrect.  Months of product were lost simply for the Chinese managers wanting to "save face."

National Review article by Joseph Sullivan calculated that the United States loss of intellectual property to be between 2.6 and 0.9 percent of the USA's GDP.  This quantifies the loss to the United States and the gain to the Republic of China.  But the intellectual property theft comes without China learning the safe handling of that technology.  For example, China successfully sent a probe to Mars but could not manage the safe re-entry of its rocket booster to assure no loss of life on Earth.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology was conducting research on many viruses, including coronaviruses.  China has claimed that COVID-19 emerged from the "wet markets" of Wuhan, but indications are that it originated in the laboratory.  China will not allow outside investigators unlimited access to the Institute or its records and personnel, to determine what happened.   

We therefore must use the information before us.  China's policy goals are achieved at the expense of millions of Chinese lives.  China exports products without concern for the safety and health of other countries.  Chinese leaders do not allow open dialogue that threatens the achievement of their policy objectives.  China's policy of gaining intellectual property through theft robs the Chinese of opportunities to learn how to use that technology safely.  Most likely, this was not the first laboratory incident in China, but the latest most damaging incident that we know of.

We must hold China financially responsible for trillions of dollars in damages to our country and the American people resulting from the pandemic created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  We recommend that our leaders in Washington: 1) freeze all Chinese assets in the United States immediately and 2) expand the Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism Act to include transnational criminal organizations (including cyber-crime), and transnational environmental contamination organizations (including chemical, biological, and genetic damages).  This will allow our government and individuals to seek recovery of damages that occur here from those organizations, no matter where they may reside.

Image: Peter Griffin.

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