Jen Psaki snarks at a reporter who exposed Biden's hypocrisy

I generally find the people in the Biden administration to be a charmless, hate-filled lot.  What's interesting is that the press secretary, Jen Psaki, is quite possibly the most charmless and obnoxious one of all.  It's apparent that the administration doesn't feel it's necessary to waste charm, or even a modicum of intelligence, on a sycophantic press.  And when a press member steps out of line and asks a serious question, Psaki's inner "high school mean girl" comes out with a nasty snark and sneer.

As noted elsewhere at American Thinker, one of the big news stories on Friday was the fact that Joe Biden, relying on blatant lies about Georgia's new election laws, urged Major League Baseball to pull this summer's All-Stars Game from Atlanta, Georgia — and the MLB franchise agreed, announcing the games would go elsewhere.  During the press conference, the media sat nodding its agreement as Psaki doubled down on Biden's lie that the law made it harder, rather than easier, to vote.

The only thing that Georgia made even a little harder was a new requirement for ID as part of applying for an absentee ballot.  In all other ways, the bill expands the ease with which people can vote.  But that ID requirement, by making vote fraud harder, is why the Democrats are in such an angry frenzy:

Problems started when an actual journalist asked an actual question.  Philip Wegmann, of Real Clear News, wanted to know why the Biden administration is so furious at Georgia that it's punishing it by urging a sports franchise to withdraw, but seems perfectly comfortable with attending the Winter Olympics in Beijing in less than a year, despite Biden's insults about Xi Jinping.

Have I mentioned that Psaki lacks charm?  She's also not very nice.  Instead, of deflecting the question with a wall of meaningless words, she insulted the reporter for not listening to her earlier answers — although those who review the transcript are clear that nothing she'd said earlier would have answered his question:

As Barbara Bush once said of Geraldine Ferraro, "I can't say it, but it rhymes with 'rich.'"  Bush later claimed to have the word "witch" in mind.  When I think of Psaki, I don't have the word "witch" in mind.  Nor should anyone else.  This is not a nice woman, which wouldn't matter as much if her nastiness weren't paired with a willingness to tell the most egregious lies with a straight face.

Image: Psaki insults a reporter.  Twitter screen grab.

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