The secret motive in the Boulder supermarket mass shooting?

After Muslim Syrian immigrant suspect Ahmad Alissa, who is also white, drove about 40 miles from his home to a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado to deliberately slaughter ten shoppers, employees, and a policeman, all of whom were also white but apparently not Muslim, some Muslims and other wokes worried about "backlash" against Muslims.

Fear of religious-based backlash after the mass shooting in Boulder on Monday has forced the city's Muslim community center to take security precautions, including temporarily suspending daily prayer services.

"The person who murdered 10 people at King Soopers in Boulder does not represent the Muslim community," said Tracy Smith with the Islamic Center of Boulder at a city council meeting Wednesday. "He doesn't represent Islam. He just happens to have a Muslim name."

The alleged shooter's name, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, has stirred anti-Muslim sentiments in the community, Smith said. It's unknown whether Alissa practices any religion and no evidence he practices Islam specifically [sic!].

"I have spoken to some who are afraid to leave the house," she said. "Others are changing up the paths of their daily walks women who are fearful of wearing their hijabs in public and men with beards who feel they're going to be targeted because of an increased threat of backlash."

So far, a week later, this Muslim "backlash" has thankfully not occurred.  Tellingly, though, there might have been another type of "backlash" in this horrifying event that hasn't been commented on because it is so politically incorrect.  Why did Alissa drive so far to this specific supermarket when there are obviously numerous supermarkets closer to his home?  Hmm, maybe because this supermarket is located in an area with a Jewish population where presumably many were preparing for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover — a holiday known for all types of elaborate special foods.  Eager to accommodate its customers, King Soopers market proudly advertises that it is "Your One-Stop Shop For Kosher Groceries."

As Logan Ratick of NewsmaxTV asked:

The murders came at a time people are busy shopping for Passover. Do we have a motive? An attack on the Jewish community? Or a convenient soft target?

So far, there have been no answers to these questions.  And if the target was the Jewish community, that will probably be downplayed.  Or rationalized.

What was Black Muslim suspect Noah Green's motive violently ramming a police car and emerging with a large hunting knife in Washington, D.C. on the final days of Passover, which also happened to be the Christian holiday of Good Friday?  Was it a coincidence?  Or something more disturbing?  His form of "backlash" against perceived slights?  Will the truth be forthcoming?

Whatever the answers, please, no backlash against innocents, but hopefully some religious philosophies will curb their hate against those who believe differently.

Image: Martin Vorel via Libreshot.

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