Democrats hurl rotten tomatoes at Latinos who voted for Trump, calling them 'low-information voters'

How's this for some disgusting, insulting patronizing of Latino voters from the left-wing Democrat political consultant establishment?

An unwittingly revolting report comes from Axios:

new analysis of U.S. voters suggests — counterintuitively — that the coronavirus pandemic may have helped drive former President Donald Trump's surprising increase in support from Latinos last November.

The big picture: By shifting Trump's rhetoric from immigration to fears around the economic impact of shutdowns, the virus gave conservative and low-information Latino voters a permission structure to back Trump even if they shunned him in 2016, according to preliminary findings by research firm Equis that were reviewed by Axios.

Here's that hyphenated word again, boldface mine:

  • Trump's campaign took advantage of Democrats' complacency, campaigned relentlessly, and spent money and effort targeting low-information Latino voters on the media channels they use more frequently.

These Equis creatures who came up with this epithet were former Obama operatives, of course.  Their "analysis," if you can call it that, would have you think any Latino voter who voted for President Trump had to be either an "incorrigible" Cuban-American voter from Miami, whom they've known about for years, or a "low-information voter" who couldn't tell you who the president was if they were voting for him themselves.

Facts on the ground tell the exact opposite story.

Obama was for open borders?  Check.  Latinos in those border counties of Texas — and they are very Latino indeed — saw how that policy worked out as the illegal migrants surged in.  They voted for Trump a little in 2016, and voted for Trump a lot in 2020, shocking Democrats, who were utterly stupefied to see that Trump had carried those counties.

That's not low-information voters; that's high-information voters, voters who, up-close-and-personal, lived both policies firsthand as the unvetted illegal migrants surged in, raising crime, filling emergency rooms, raising demands on local social services, dragging schools down, and generally making lives miserable for those living on the sharp end of illegal border waves.  To call these voters "low-information voters" is an insult like no other.  So much for "lived experience," as the lefties say.

Gee, maybe if Joe Biden would have gotten out of his basement and campaigned in 2020, these border-county voters would have all the information they'd need to become the high-information voters who would have pulled the lever for Joe Biden and impressed these Obamatons, so the logic could go.  Can you say "barf"?

Meanwhile, Trump's inroads among Latinos, while getting Democrats caught flat-footed, was far from just a matter of those much-raged-about Miami Cubans or those "counter-intuitive" Latino voters in the Texas border counties and beyond.  It extended all over, as the Axios study noted.  Florida was apparently the worst from the perspective of these leftists, because Miami-Cubans are just one Latino subgroup in a very large whole in that state. 

Florida's Latino voter base now extends to Miami Venezuelans, Miami Colombians, Miami Bolivians, Miami Nicaraguans, Miami Argentinians, and apparently a certain number of Orlando Puerto Ricans. 

What do these national origins of these U.S. voters have in common?

One, they tend to be recent arrivals to the U.S. (or the U.S. mainland in the case of Puerto Rico) who became citizens if they weren't (this doesn't include Puerto Rico) and who now vote.  Even the Axios study cited found that much. 

  • In other states, vote-switching was less a factor than Trump's ability to turn out new Latino voters. In Nevada they were "less ideological, younger, more foreign-born than regular Trump voters," per Equis.

Two, having lived in their homelands with fresh memories of it, they've seen this Biden movie before.  They've experienced some kind of rabid left-wing socialism firsthand with all its impoverishment, elites lining their pockets, the loss of their own freedom and wealth, the state's flaming extended lies, the Sandalista lefties who beat their fins in approval, and the full blown destruction that comes of it.  Argentinians have experienced Peronist leftism, which is fascist, Bidenly, and nasty indeed.  Nicaraguans have dealt with two vile waves of Ortega communism and all the claps of the Sandalistas around it.  Bolivians have been assaulted by communist Evo Morales, the creep who gave the feckless Pope Francis a hammer-and-sickle cross.  Miami Colombians have experienced all the loveliness of Antifa protesters in the FARC Marxist narco-terrorist monster, which wrought violence and untold evils everywhere it went.  They also have a helluva lot of university leftists and "journalists" willing to enable this vileness to ensure it stayed around.  Venezuelans and Cubans have experienced complete full hell of socialism, down to the state torture, show trials, political prisons, and dictatorship in democracy's clothing which extends the lie content, just as what Garry Kasparov, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, and many, many other Soviet dissidents described what happened in the Soviet Union.  The lies were the worst of it to them, and sure enough, Joe Biden likes putting out fantastical lies.

Heck, it's not even those Latinos, either.  Mexicans have told me they see the outlines of the PRI in what the Democratic Party has become in rigged one-party-state California, with its amazing "perfect dictatorship," as Mario Vargas Llosa put it, and don't like that, either.  Even Mexican-Americans in California have a lot of Trump voters based on this historic memory.  One told me that the stopped vote-counting at 2:00 A.M. in four swing states, with the subsequent reversed direction, is exactly what happened in Mexico during one of its rigged elections.  They thought Democrats actually picked up the idea from it.  There are also the Puerto Ricans, whose commonwealth has gone bankrupt from massive socialist patronage schemes and is now drowning in debt and corruption.  The vile, Democrat-led Jones Act does hurt the island, but so do socialism and corruption.  There has been a shift, not a big one, but certainly some movement among those voters who like the Mexicans, have experienced a more upstream version of socialism, same as the full-monty Cubans and Venezuelans.

"Lived experience" is a big deal, for at least some Latino voters, but there sure as heck are other reasons, too.

Axios reports that these Obamatons who did this study found that Latinos do care about bread-and-butter issues more than immigration, contrary to what the open-borders lobby would have you think.  That ought to be a given; Latinos are like other voters in that they like jobs, they like having a place to live, they like good rather than bad (leftist teachers union wokester bad-test-score) public schools for their kids, they like low, fair, predictable taxes, and they like one set of laws for everyone, all Trump trump cards that Democrats have long abandoned.

Well, yeah.  The report suggests that Democrats stay "engaged" with this community all four years instead of just at campaign time, which sounds like Maoist megaphone propaganda to be directed at them all four years, telling them how great Biden is.  Lucky them.  It doesn't sound like actual jobs, actual good schools, actual fair taxes, or actual housing, maybe except for a select few whose incomes are low enough, such as illegal aliens coming in without waiting their place in line as these voters did.  Sound attractive?

It's stupid stuff, and Democrats are both insulting Latino voters and deluding themselves.

The hard reality is, Trump ran and won as the ultimate outsider, the only outsider ever to penetrate the Washington swamp, and he had a keen sense of what voters were thinking, never insulting the little guy, always taking his battles to puffed up media and Hollywood figures, and nasty political operatives.  Everything he ever did was to help the little guy, not himself and not his nomenklatura.  Latino voters may be newer immigrants, and some may be of lower education, lower status, and lower political interest, but that's precisely the point.  The system is rigged against those people most, and they understood that perfectly.  That's, as I argued, not low-information voters; that's high information voters.  They understood and recognized that Trump was in their tree against an entrenched and powerful elite that claimed to care about them and only lined its own pockets.  They've seen this movie before and can only throw rotten tomatoes at it.  Now Democratic operatives from the Obama camp are insulting them as a result.  How very disgusting.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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