Can the GOP stop Democrats from trashing the country?

It's a jungle out there, disorder and confusion everywhere.
No one seems to care, but I do. Hey! Who's in charge here?

Randy Newman

It's common knowledge that Al Gore invented the internet.  And that Barack Obama invented the Office of President-Elect.  Now Joe Biden, by announcing his intention to run for re-election in 2024 after only a couple of destructive months in office, has de facto created the Office of Acting President Emeritus.  Another first for Democrats.

Kamala Harris calls foreign leaders on Biden's behalf.  The White House has instructed the media that going forward, they are to refer to the Biden-Harris administration.  Jill Biden does more than finish Joe's sentences for him: Biden reportedly consults with and relies on his wife to a larger degree than any president since Woodrow Wilson, whose wife Edith effectively took over after Woodrow suffered a debilitating stroke in 1919.

There were reports in February that several Democrats wished to deprive Biden of sole authority over the nuclear codes.  Do we now have a Committee for Commander in Chief?

Behind the scenes, Susan Rice, with the Pelosi/Schumer tag team out front, wields executive power that should rightly reside with the president.  It's a bit like the 1969 film Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, but with the cast of characters swapping presidential duties instead of spouses.

After having brazenly installed a feeble, geriatric president through a dubious (at best) election process, and almost three months after that mostly peaceful demonstration on January 6, the Democrats still surround the Capitol grounds with thousands of troops and razor wire fencing.  Are those props — befitting the palace grounds of a tinpot dictatorship — evidence of the Democrats' insecurity, of their need to reinforce the notion that they are in charge?  Just as Biden does what he's told, so are we to shut up and do as we're told.

The filibuster is racist, didn't you know.  Antifa is a myth; there's no crisis on the border.  On and on it goes.  Most everything the Democrats and their media hack enablers say is an affectation and a canard.  Most everything the Dems do is a premeditated attack on their avowed enemies — namely, anyonewho didn't vote for them.  Will the people get a fair shot at turning the tide in 2022?  Not likely, especially if or when the Dems ram H.R. 1 down our throats.

Against this pathetic backdrop, with the exception of a few congressmen and senators, it's shocking how feckless and moribund the Republicans are.  They failed to capitalize on their majorities when they held them.  They must now stop playing paddy-cake and begin pushing back hard, especially at the state level, by asserting their 10th Amendment rights through declarations of "sanctuary" status, and by nullifying unconstitutional power grabs such as federalizing and corrupting the election process.  The First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments are under relentless assault.  There's not enough time to let this all play out in the courts, nor can the Roberts Supreme Court be trusted to uphold the Constitution.  If the Republicans go on offense, and start obstructing and defying the Democrats any way they can, they'll garner more public support than they can imagine.

The American people never signed up for a cultural revolution.  It's Do or Die for the Republican Party.

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