Jill Biden — the Edith Wilson of the new administration

In the early days of America, presidential first ladies were hostesses at the White House.  In recent decades, they're goodwill ambassadors for feel-good causes.  One exception to this rule was Edith Wilson, who, in 1919, appointed herself as acting president when her husband, Woodrow Wilson, was felled by a stroke in the second-to-last year of his administration.  It's beginning to appear that Jill Biden, married to a decaying, increasing mentally incapacitated man, has chosen Edith as her role model.

Edith was a typical product of the post–Civil War South.  She was raised in a large family, had minimal education, and believed devoutly in the Confederate cause.  In 1915, when she was a 42-year-old widow, she met President Woodrow Wilson, who was 16 years older than she was and who had recently lost his wife.  They married that same year.

Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat and a progressive.  He still supported the Confederacy; segregated the formerly integrated federal civil service; screened Birth of a Nation, the pro-KKK film, in the White House; and believed firmly in eugenics.  That is, he believed that Whites are a superior race and that people with darker complexions are inferior, with their inferiority increasing in direct proportion to their increased melanin.  (In other words, he was the mirror image of Kristen Clarke, Biden's choice to lead the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice.)

Wilson was also the progenitor of the Wilson Doctrine: briefly, to drag a reluctant nation into World War I — which many Americans saw as Europe's problem, not theirs — he announced that it was America's responsibility to make the world "safe for democracy."  This doctrine controlled American politics right until the Trump presidency.

Trump had a new doctrine: it was America's responsibility to make the world safe for Americans living in America.  Biden is already dragging America back to the Wilson Doctrine, which has seen American blood and gold spilled across the world for over a century.  Unfortunately, Biden also seems to be guided by the Obama variation on the Wilson Doctrine, which is that any overseas wars in which America becomes involved should never benefit Americans.

Where does Edith Wilson fit into all this?  In October 1919, Wilson had a serious stroke that left him partially paralyzed and bedridden.  Had there been the 25th Amendment then, it would have been reasonable to remove him from office.  At the very least, while he was recovering, the vice president should have taken on his responsibilities.

Instead, Edith Wilson connived with the president's inner circle to hide from the Americans how sick Wilson was.  (Is this starting to sound familiar?)  For almost a year and a half, Edith conducted the routine duties of the president of the United States of America.  She also screened everything that came to his office, deciding what the bedridden president could and couldn't see.  Edith failed to understand how important the gatekeeper's role was, boasting later that if she finally allowed Wilson to see something, he made the ultimate decision on the matter.

We've already seen how Jill Biden is constantly at Joe's side when he gives his limited interviews, makes a statement for an "official" video, or gives a speech.  She often rushes in to give the answer when Joe cannot or is incoherent.

Additionally, unlike modern first ladies, Jill hasn't announced her feel-good "cause."  Instead, Jill is hitting the road to promote what are ostensibly Joe's policies:

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton gave Hillary a project — health care reform — and that's where she put her efforts (and failed disastrously, too).  What's happening here is different.  Jill is acting almost as a co-president.

With Joe manifestly too frail and confused to sell the policies attributed to him (and let's not kid ourselves that he's actually in charge in the White House), Jill is the face of the presidency.  Kamala hangs out in the background like the Grim Reaper at the party, and Jill is out there as the face of America's executive office.

A lot of Americans should be realizing at this point that there's something very wrong with this picture.  They are the victims of a fraud — and I don't mean the fraud that took place around the votes cast in November 2020.

I'm talking about the core fraud that sold Joe Biden as a competent person capable of leading the most powerful nation in the world.  Instead, there's reason to believe that we're being governed not by Joe, but by Jill "Edith" Biden, a person who cannot even do basic math in her laughable Ed.D. thesis.  Talk about being sold a rotten bill of goods.

Image: Created by Andrea Widburg using public domain images.

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