The American left's predilection for Soviet-style authoritarianism

The line proposed by the party leadership was clearly defined and utterly consistent. Its tactics were determined by the principle that the ends justify the means — all means without exception. In the spirit of this principle the prosecutor will demand your head, Citizen Rubashov. The arguments put forth will of course be different. But in the background of this fairground performance, as you call it, you will know just as well as the prosecutor what is at stake — the restoration of party unity.

The above quotation is from Arthur Koestler's 1941 novel, Darkness at Noon.  It relates the grim tale of one of Stalin's operatives as he is sacrificed on the altar of "unity." Rubashov is charged with numerous crimes he did not commit, though he had come to have doubts about the revolution that became hopelessly genocidal.  He is forced to confess to these crimes he did not commit for the sake of party unity.

Joe Biden cannot repeat this word "unity" often enough, so often it has already become meaningless.  It is meaningless coming from a man and a party who have increasingly moved in the direction of Stalin's regime.  That is why they want to impeach Trump again.  They fear him as the Soviets feared America's freedom and economic success even in the 1930s. 

Biden and his handlers are assuming that most Americans know nothing of world, let alone American history.  Sadly, they are correct about too many Americans.  Those age fifty and under have long been indoctrinated by the leftism infused into our public-school education and universities for the last fifty years.  As the tenured radicals of the 1960s took over academia, the anti-Americanism became ever more virulent.  Three books document the corruption of American education: The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom (1987), Tenured Radicals by Roger Kimball (1990), and Literature Lost, Social Agendas and the Corruption of the Humanities by John M. Ellis (1999).

Those who voted for Biden will soon regret their choice as they learn how much more for gasoline they will have to pay.  They will have to pay much more in taxes on income and property.  They will no longer enjoy the freedom of speech or assembly — we have lost those rights already to COVID restrictions.

It will become worse within days.  Biden has weaponized COVID against the American people.  Now that so many citizens complied so willingly to the lockdowns and mask mandates, they will ramp up their totalitarian inclinations.  COVID, whether a bioweapon or not, has been used to imprison Americans in their homes, destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses while big box stores have been allowed to remain open, and frighten people to the point of mindless acquiescence.

The left and right are divided according to fear of COVID; the left are the mask tyrants, while conservatives tend to resist the dictatorial blue-state governors' and mayors' arbitrary decrees.  There are no scientific data to support these absurd restrictions on our daily lives.

Having been in office for just two days, Biden has demonstrated his utter disrespect for our military.  At least twenty-five thousand troops were brought to D.C. as props for an inauguration few people were interested in attending.  There were no legitimate threats by "right-wing" groups.

The fences, the razor wire, the uniformed soldiers were all part of their political theater meant to convince the American people that Biden was in danger, that it is Trump-supporters who are violent.  Everyone knows that is not true; it is the left — Antifa and BLM — who are violent and destructive.  But Biden pretended to be scared.  He even hired his own private security company to protect him from the troops!

Biden is telegraphing in every way the knowledge that he did not win the election; he knows he is there illegitimately.  Once the show was over, he evicted the troops from the Capitol to a parking structure (which is forbidden for prisoners of war by the Geneva Conventions); no beds, no heat, no bathrooms.  This is how he shows his gratitude for their part in the charade.

The left has always hated and resented the military; now leftists may actually fear them.  But on his second day in office, Biden sent troops to Syria!  It seems that getting the war machine up and running again is priority number one.  As for those men and women who serve?  Units of labor, a useful species.  How else can sending them to sleep on cold concrete be explained?  It can't.

Back to Koestler's 1941 novel about the horrific excesses of Stalin's crimes against his own people — unity was the word then, too.  Appearances were everything, and the party had to present a united face even if it meant killing their own, even if they were innocent.  That is what Stalin's show trials were all about.  That is exactly what the snap impeachment of President Trump was all about and what the impeachment trial in the Senate will be about.  They need to destroy the man completely just as Stalin destroyed his ideological opponents.  Their mistake is thinking the millions of Trump-supporters will buy into their "unity" scam.  Stalin did not have an opponent with an army of champions as Trump does.  Those pro-America-as-founded enthusiasts will not be fooled by Biden's phony pleas for unity.

Here is the dictionary definition of unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole: European unity | their leaders called for unity between opposing factions.  There is no way on Earth conservative, America-loving patriots are ever going to align themselves with the regressive, American-hating left that has shredded the Constitution and aims to put in place a veritable police state.  If they think they can coax conservatives into unity with a movement that is frighteningly similar to Stalin's and Mao's, they are crazier than we knew.  Unity to the left is a code word for submission.

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