Isn't it great that the oil from Canada will now be moved by trains and trucks?

Now that the Keystone XL pipeline is canceled by President Joe Biden, the world is supposedly greener.

Really?  Fact is, it's the opposite.  Instead of getting more environmentally friendly, the carbon footprint from that oil will be increased substantially because it will be shipped by trucks and trains above ground instead of through underground pipe.  It is also much less safe and efficient: shipping by trucks and trains means more accidents — and an increased human cost.  What sheer brilliance!  I thought all of Biden's decisions were going to be based on facts and science.

I read the other day in the WSJ that demand for ships that specialize in building and servicing wind farms is growing.  What is the carbon footprint of these ships that will be powered by oil?  The oil will clearly have to come from sources other than the U.S. — such as Russia or Iran, since we are eventually going to stop producing oil over here if Biden has his way, intentionally destroying millions of jobs.

How will Biden maintain the current Trump vaccination level of one million per day without using planes, trucks, cars, and trains powered by oil?  I hope the Biden administration calculates the carbon footprint of all this, since that is its main concern.  

But truth?  Not so much.  Here's another illustration: it is phenomenal that so many COVID vaccines were developed in less than a year and around 40 million vaccines have been distributed, since CNN and the Biden administration say  the Trump administration had no plan.  After all, we have been told that these sources always tell the truth.  To update this a bit, it turns out that Biden now seems to be saying he's the one with no plan.  So much for truth.

I also read in the WSJ that China implemented a 30% resource tax cut for shale gas and a subsidy for drillers.  In China, this led to a 25.5% increase on oil and gas exploration and development in 2019 and another 9% in the first eleven months of 2020.  It seems that the Chinese are more worried about providing their people with energy than with their carbon footprint.  Biden, on the other hand, is excited to rejoin the Paris climate accord.  We can trust that China and India will start to pretend to comply in 2030.  China would never lie, you see.  The Chinese and the WHO were so truthful and helpful when they spread the propaganda to the world that COVID-19, which originated in China, would not spread human to human.  The media and NIH bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci are enthused that Biden has decided that U.S taxpayers will again give hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the dishonest propaganda tool of China.

And still, not one question to Biden, or his sidekick Kamala Harris, for one piece of scientific data that shows a link among oil consumption and temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity.  Everyone should remember that computer model projections are not factual, nor is continually repeating that there is a consensus or that "the science is settled" is factual.  Those statements are just talking points pushing an agenda.

The reason Democrat campaign workers, posing as journalists, never ask for factual data is that they haven't cared about facts or science for a long time.  All they care about is pushing a leftist agenda to remake America and take freedom from Americans to give more power to greedy politicians, if they have a "D" behind their names.  The media participate greatly in indoctrinating the public, especially children, when they don't have actual data to support what they report.

There is an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint in the U.S.  Thousands of supposed reporters who travel in oil-powered transportation equipment could be replaced by a single puppet repeating leftist talking points.  The rest could get coding jobs, which is the suggestion Biden gave to coal-miners.  Or maybe they could get jobs weather-stripping, like the jobs that Obama and Biden lied about in 2009.

Image: Pax Ahimsa Gethen via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.

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