Why worry about warming? Cold is the killer

Green alarmists are fanning a firestorm of fear about man-made global warming. Earth always cycles between warmth and cold.  Every recent warm period (Medieval Warming, Roman Warming, etc) was a time of plenty for all life on Earth, while cold periods like the Little Ice Age saw crop failures, famine, migrations, invasions, disease, and death. Sea levels rise as ice sheets melt and fall as they rebuild.  Coastal dwellers and offshore coral reefs must always migrate landward or seaward, or north-south, following the climatic environment they prefer. Warming and cooling phases are triggered by solar system cycles, which are often accompanied by volcanism.  These drivers are far more powerful than any human influences. Oceans cover over 70% of Earth's surface and dominate our weather and climate.  When the sun or the volcanic trenches and the rings of fire warm the oceans, two things happen.  Firstly, water evaporates to...(Read Full Post)
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