Why should we trust the COVID numbers?

Haven't we learned anything?  Look what the Democrats did with the election, how they flipped numbers to get a failing old man with dementia into office so they can try to turn America into Venezuela.

Why would we trust the government at all?  How do we really know how many people have the virus or were hospitalized or died?  Because Dr. Death, AKA Tony Fauci, said so?  He also originally said masks were not necessary and now claims you must wear a mask or it's life or death.  He also said it would be fine to hook up with people on social media sites if you're careful.

Hospitals get paid more for patients who die there from COVID, and the ante gets upped if they were on a ventilator.  An article in the Columbus Dispatch on August 4, 2020 opined:

"Yes, hospitals get an additional 20% for Medicare patients treated for COVID-19" and "The higher Medicare rate stirred controversy in April after Republican Sen. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota doctor, speculated on Fox News that the additional money might inspire hospital administrators to make it look like routine pneumonia cases were COVID-19 cases."

A headline from the Canada Free Press, April 13, 2020, screamed: "The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers" in an article by American Thinker contributor Matthew Vadum.

From Townhall Finance come the story: "Department of Health Overrides Doctors, Changes Cause of Death to COVID-19." 

That May 1, 2020 article said in part:

Last week the Pennsylvania health department was forced to revise downward the state's tally of COVID-19-caused deaths by 200, or about 10 percent, after coroners in the state produced a different number of COVID-19 deaths than the state's numbers.

If the government wants me to take a COVID vaccine because it says it is safe, I think I'll pass.  Thanks, but no thanks. 

Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio for the past twenty-seven years.  She uncovered Obama's use of a stolen Connecticut social security number in 2009 and revealed how bin Laden actually died in 2001, not in a raid by Obama in 2011.

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