Two so-called conspiracy theories about the election may be true!

As news swirls about poll-counting shenanigans, defective voting machines that lean Democrat, dead voters, fraud at the post office, etc., the Democrats, rather than assuaging people's concerns by welcoming investigation, are telling Trump-supporters they're crazy lunatics and that Biden will be forcibly escorting Trump from the White House.  From this craziness, two ideas have emerged: first, that a secret supercomputer is manipulating votes for Biden; second, that the whole election is a giant sting.  The first theory may be correct; the second may not be.

The first theory holds that the Democrats are hacking the election using a supercomputer system called the Hammer.  A CIA contractor named Dennis Montgomery created the system, and the Obama-Biden administration already weaponized it in 2012.  The Hammer has an application called the Scorecard that invisibly tampers with computers when election data get transferred from one computer system to another:

"Hammer" or "THE HAMMER" is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while "Scorecard" is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. It's the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs. Unless both sides are looking for irregularities, it's impossible to catch. If nefarious forces had people on one side or the other (or both) during data transfer, it cannot be exposed.


What we're seeing happening in Michigan and Wisconsin have all of the trademarks of a "Hammer" and "Scorecard" operation.

I instantly wrote off this information because it struck me as too far-fetched — and too unprovable — to be of much use in making sense about the election.  What led me to revisit it is that Sidney Powell is pretty sure that Hammer and Scorecard are gaming the election for Biden, changing 3% of the vote in Biden's favor:

Sidney Powell is one of the smartest people in America.  If she believes in Hammer and Scorecard, I'm going to take the claim darn seriously.

I also got several emails today telling me that Steve Pieczenik is alleging that the entire election has been a Trump-staged sting operation.  There are QFS blockchain encryption code markings on ballots, he says, making it possible for a cadre of patriotic insiders to track them:

What Pieczenik is alleging sounds like the stuff of science fiction.  Nevertheless, it seems that the technology is real.  

However, while I believe Sidney Powell, I'm less inclined to believe Pieczenik's claim.  His bio shows him to be an oddball character who has past connections to the Deep State and a flair for self-advertisement.  Pieczenik's work in the Deep State argues for his knowledge about these things, but his questionable claims about himself, as well as his career in fiction-writing, hint at a fantasist.  I'd need more corroborating evidence to be convinced.

Would I like to believe Pieczenik's claim?  Absolutely.  There are way too many anomalies in this election for any person to trust what's happening.  It would be comforting to know that Trump's four-dimensional chess skills have resulted in him six steps ahead of the Democrats.

My problem is that Trump is currently acting embattled, rather than as if he's in the catbird seat.  I'd love to see an air of confidence now because that would seem to confirm Pieczenik's claim.  And honestly, wouldn't it be awesome if this nightmare really were a gigantic sting aimed at exposing once and for all the corruption in the Democrat party, the Deep State, the media, and the tech oligarchies?