Two so-called conspiracy theories about the election may be true!

As news swirls about poll-counting shenanigans, defective voting machines that lean Democrat, dead voters, fraud at the post office, etc., the Democrats, rather than assuaging people's concerns by welcoming investigation, are telling Trump-supporters they're crazy lunatics and that Biden will be forcibly escorting Trump from the White House.  From this craziness, two ideas have emerged: first, that a secret supercomputer is manipulating votes for Biden; second, that the whole election is a giant sting.  The first theory may be correct; the second may not be. The first theory holds that the Democrats are hacking the election using a supercomputer system called the Hammer.  A CIA contractor named Dennis Montgomery created the system, and the Obama-Biden administration already weaponized it in 2012.  The Hammer has an application called the Scorecard that invisibly tampers with computers when election data get...(Read Full Post)
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