The election coup plot, explained

"Democrats have been thinking about this for a long time…" —Tucker Carlson, November 5, 2020 I fully expect that Twitter and Facebook will suppress circulation of this blog post, but so what?  The half of the country that never strays beyond the mainstream media narrative would find it unbelievable, a fantasy of conspiracy theorizing.  After four years of their media telling them that Russia hacked the 2016 election, and Hillary claiming she was cheated, the new media-approved narrative is that any questioning of electoral fraud is an attack on democracy. Such people are a lost cause, unless (or until) crimes are proven in court and election cheaters are sentenced to prison. But for the rest of us who have eyes and brains, there is no stopping suspicion and activism in the "nasty street fight ahead."  "Samizdat" is a word that Americans are going to be using a lot, at least until Google gets...(Read Full Post)
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