One man's list: Some worthy conservative sites worth reading

With a Biden win and censorship of some conservative viewpoints by the media and Big Tech, what alternative conservative news and content sources are there that one can go to for reliable information?

One source is internet sites like

There's also a new trend is toward paid subscription sites, which are self-financing and thus potentially can last a lot longer in an internet environment where conservative websites are being censored by Big Tech or are placed at near the bottom of internet searches.

The internet almost killed off newspapers and magazines.  It started search engines, social media, and video sites like YouTube.

Fast-forward to today, and the internet has consolidated into tech monopoly giants like Google (Alphabet Inc.), Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.  The creative furor of the early internet is fast subsiding as big money and the bottom line censors new internet entrepreneurs and makes it extremely hard for them to grow into self-sustaining enterprises.

A perfect example of this censorship trend is on YouTube, which is eliminating many non-revenue-generating sites and is no longer assuring sites with many subscribers guaranteed income.  Demonetization, search bot censorship, and now even political censorship of conservative political sites and views are becoming almost rampant.  Even Joe Rogan with about 10 million subscribers has contracted his podcasts to Spotify since he sees the writing on the wall and feels that he can no longer trust and make money on YouTube into the foreseeable future.

I will refer you to some prolific conservative YouTube sites that still exist even though a conservative star such as Ben Shapiro has gone on to form his own internet paid subscription publication called Daily Wire.

Gad Saad is an evolutionary psychologist with Lebanese origins who promotes rational, often science-based information to promote his very believable conservative viewpoints on many social and political deliberations.  He is currently my favorite internet personality who recently published the book The Parasitic Mind.  He is opposed to left-wing myths and ideology and uses reason to combat them.

Jordan Peterson is a psychologist with Canadian origins who has a commonsense approach to psychology.  He is also rooted in fundamental conservative ethics or morality and gives helpful advice on living a purposeful life along with conservative political views.  He is definitely against leftist ideology and Marxism in general.

Ben Shapiro is a political conservative who successfully debates with leftists and almost always comes out on top with convincing arguments.  He recently moved from California to Nashville, Tennessee, where he publishes his internet site called Daily Wire.

John Stossel used to have a TV presence and has a history of being an anti–Big Government libertarian, but his current views resonate with many conservative viewpoints.  How long he will last on YouTube is debatable, but he is trying hard to survive.

Rubin Report is a site where classical liberalism is promoted, but there are also many conservative interviews with a never-ending line of popular guests.

PragerU is a conservative site with many recent publications that make this one of the remaining prolific sites with current topics.  PragerU has recently posted on Parler and is feeling censorship pressures.

Hoover Institution is a conservative site with many recent offerings that keep the site current and relevant.

China Uncensored is a site worthy of attention with China now being the main competitor ideologically, militarily, and economically with the United States.

Sabine Hossenfelder is a trained physicist who does smart, prolific posts on YouTube on subjects that also could interest the common human — "A New Model for the Covid Pandemic," "Herd Immunity — Facts and Numbers," "What Are Breakthroughs in Science," "How is Mathematics Truth and Beauty?," "Why the multiverse is religion, not science," etc.  Sabine's recent book is Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray.  It is an excellent criticism of how mathematics is an imperfect tool for describing very small and very big physical phenomena in an understandable way.  If you have any scientific knowledge, many of her posts are extremely informative and understandable.  My personal opinion is that she is a true prolific genius and a rebel against stagnating, useless ideas in physics and academia.  She is one of the few individuals with an academic background who still has a boatload of common sense with a logical mind.

Thomas Sowell is another oldie but goodie with a logical, rational mind who debunks many left-wing myths.

The Epoch Times recently launched a newspaper and a pricey online presence advertising as Truth & Tradition, fact-based, and unbiased, which is worth supporting, too, or it may not survive long. is still a free conservative website and still worthy of attention, unlike the Drudge Report, which was apparently sold and is no longer newsworthy for conservatives.  You can search the internet for other conservative news sites, but relatively few are rich enough to afford interesting, independent world news coverage.

Investigative reporting is dying fast, but there is Project Veritas, which does some good reporting.

Many conservatives are switching to Alt Tech sites like Bitchute and Parler to escape censorship by leftist Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

There may be some other prolific conservative personalities and websites you have come across that I have not mentioned.  Do me and the American Thinker audience a favor and post them in the comments section of this post. 

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