What you can do to stop the electoral coup

Dick Morris, as might be expected, has hit on an interesting, and perhaps crucial, element concerning the attempted electoral coup.

It seems that virtually all the battleground states — Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona — have GOP legislatures.  This is a factor that has escaped most other commentators, and it certainly seems like a game-changer.

These worthies have, up until this point "been sitting on their butts," as Morris puts it.  Most of them are out of session and doing whatever it is politicians do when they aren't busy spending the people's money.  But it seems that this emergency, in which the standard model of the American republic is in danger of being undermined by what amounts to a criminal gang, is the kind of challenge that legislatures exist to deal with, no less than a flood or a hurricane.

Some of them (though not all — Pennsylvania doesn't) in fact appoint the electors, which may be of crucial importance.

Morris points out that most state legislators get a handful of calls a session, so getting twenty in a single day would have an impact.  And what of a hundred or two in a single day?  This is something that is easily possible, particularly as involves enraged, and determined Trumpers.  Many of them drove hundreds of miles to the rallies in past few weeks.  Compared to that, what's a phone call?  (And let's not forget email, either, playmates.)

Contact information for your legislators is easily obtained from any State.gov site, if simply Googling the name and "contact info" doesn't bring it up.  (Of course, it's sadly true that many of us don't know the names of our state reps — but I'll forgive you this time, lads and lassies.)

Unfortunately, my own state rep is a lesbian social Democrat.  But most of you don't have that problem.  So let's get cracking.  We have nothing to lose but Jose Biden-Perón.  We have a nation to win.

Image: Mark Taylor.

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