Brutal tweets from Venezuelans who've seen this stolen-election movie before

So how does this unfolding U.S. election disaster look to Venezuelans, Venezuelan-Americans, and neighbors in the region?

Just sum it up this way: Venezuelans are coming out in force to state they've seen this movie before.  The fraud being played out now sounds as if Democrats used Venezuela as their how-to guide. 

Here is a curation of choice tweets, starting with one from an obvious Venezuelan:

Here's another Venezuelan from the western city of Valencia, who's seen this travesty, too:

There's also this one from what's likely a Scots-descended Venezuelan exile who calls himself @arepadehaggis after the two identifying foods of the nations:

Another one:

Here's Michael Welling, a Canadian who is an impeccable longtime reliable observer of Venezuela.  Have been following him for years: 

A Colombian in close quarters to Venezuela, describing what it's like:

Here's that telltale cold, ashy, cynical bitter humor of someone who's lived in a communist regime:

Translation: Biden's master move to leave Venezuelans to Trump because when has a Venezuelan won elections ????

Here's an observer from England, likely a Venezuelan exile.  Note the censored tweet, which is of Trump's election night speech calling fraud.

Some broken English, from a Latino of unknown origin and politics, giving the mood:

Despite this guy's name, he's Venezuelan.  Venezuela, like America, once was a magnet for immigrants from unlikely places.

Not sure who this is, but the phrase is coined and now getting around:

Magazolano is a term used to describe the many Venezuelan-Americans in Florida who support President Trump.  Here, a leftist mocks their distress:

Magazolano Twitter seems to be taking all this pretty hard...

— Daniel Lansberg R (@DLansberg) November 4, 2020

More from an outsider:

And what was seen on someone's lawn a few days before the election:

In all, it's déjà vu for Venezuelans.  The ugly spectacle of stealing elections, and the insistence from the left that the whole thing is democracy, while the fawning media repeats their lies, is a huge punch in the face to Venezuelans and friends because they've lived this back in their home country, fled for their lives from it, and know exactly what it is.  Venezuelans know that the road to hell is not an instant one; it starts with statue-pulling (remember her?) and rapidly moves on to electoral fraud.  From there, the true chain of horrors that amount to socialism take complete control.

Image credit: Oren neu dag, via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0.

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