Recount? A judicially ordered new election is far better

It's not enough that riots, chaos, and economic mismanagement plague America's one-party blue cities.  In cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Minneapolis, the usual machine-politics deliveries for Democrats appear to be in overdrive.  In this election, stealing elections is an act they've taken national, with President Trump the target. There've been reports of voter intimidation, illegal electioneering, and observer suppression in Philadelphia; illegal ballot-harvesting and vote-buying in Minneapolis; big midnight vote dumps of "found" ballots bearing votes for all a single party in Detroit, alongside boarded up windows by election officials to prevent observation of what goes on the the totalization rooms; and now backdated ballots.  In Atlanta,  Rev. Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece, has declared she has seen voter fraud firsthand...(Read Full Post)
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