Bad night for Bernie, Sandy O, and Joe

As I write this, it appears that Joe Biden will be our next president.  Let me repeat "it appears," because it is not final, and I'm not conceding anything. Nevertheless, we may have a President Biden with a GOP Senate and a House with fewer Democrats.  Add to this serious concern that there may be fraud in the finals. What a way to become the 46th president.  Biden should catch up with the story of President Hayes! I know that Scott Rasmussen's election prediction was wrong, but he is 100% right about this: If Biden wins, it's hard to imagine a less appealing victory. He will have a Republican controlled Senate, nearly half the nation's voters questioning whether he really won, and a progressive wing in his own party demanding action on an unpopular agenda. So if the numbers hold, and I'm not conceding yet, the biggest loser was the Democrat left — i.e., Bernie, Sandy O, and even...(Read Full Post)
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