If Trump loses, Israel is going to lose, too

One of the biggest losers should Trump lose the presidential election will be Israel.  Unlike any previous administrations, Trump used a new approach to the Middle East, and it started to yield significant returns in the last few weeks.  Trump accommodated Israel's needs, weakened Iran, and got Gulf Arab states to negotiate directly with Israel without regard to the Palestinians.  Trump's approach was working, too, but it will stop with a Biden presidency.

Biden likes to pay lip service to being pro-Israel because he needs the Jewish vote.  If you're wondering why Jews are such stalwart Democrats despite the party's increasingly open hatred for them, the answer is college.  Jewish kids almost invariably go to college, and academia is ground zero for American leftism.  That drilled-in fealty to leftism means that Jews lap up the lip service and ignore Biden's record.

Biden's hostility appeared in 1982 in the Senate Finance Committee, when he screamed and pounded the table at Menachem Begin as part of his threat to cut off aid to Israel.  Biden, a profoundly ignorant man, also opposes Israel's right to Samaria and Judea, which Jews have occupied for thousands of years and which were promised to Israel when the British pulled out and again when the U.N. recognized Israel's existence.  Jordan illegally seized the land in the 1948–1949 war, and Israel properly reclaimed it in 1967.  But Biden doesn't know that.

What Biden knows is his base, which takes its marching orders from people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  Leftist institutions have taught the base that Israel, whose people are indigenous to the land (unlike the late-arriving Arabs), is a European colonial power that must be destroyed.  Therefore, Biden will return to the bad old days of pandering to the Palestinians as a precondition for peace.  He will do so even though the Palestinians' only precondition for peace is Israel's destruction.

Biden has already announced that he will reinstate the Iran deal, although he has no more power than Obama did to act without Senate ratification for what is really a treaty.  He'll lift the crushing sanctions and start handing money over again.  This will be a blow not just to Israel.  It will also be a blow to the Iranian people, who have been trying since 2009, when Obama killed the Green Revolution, to get out from under the tyrannical and corrupt mullahs.

When I thought of Biden strengthening Iran, I hoped that doing so would drive all the Gulf States into forming agreements with Israel, just as the UAE and  Bahrain have done, and Sudan announced that it would do.  Don Surber offers a more grim prediction:

As for Saudi Arabia, the president's re-election would have it recognizing the state of Israel. Otherwise, the Saudis will side with Red China. Strength is a magnet. Besides, Red China has the cash to pay for oil.

A Biden administration also means that Israel will lose a protector at the corrupt United Nations.  On Wednesday, the U.N. General Assembly passed seven resolutions condemning Israel and not a single one against any other country in the world.  Biden will happily join in.  After all, Biden was the front man for pressuring Ukraine not to support Israel in December 2016, when the U.N. demanded that Israel renounce her sovereignty over Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

Wisely, Netanyahu is making it clear that he'll be happy to work with a Biden administration.  I have to believe, though, that there's a giant chasm between Bibi's public announcements and his private worries.

If you support Israel, be ready to go to war on her behalf, because you can be pretty confident that a Biden administration will undercut her at every turn.

Image: Vice President Biden meets with Netanyahu.  YouTube screen grab.