O'Keefe exposes more ballot-harvesting in Texas

Ballot-harvesting has apparently been around awhile, but until the past year or two, have you ever heard of it?

That's the virtue of James O'Keefe's Project Veritas undercover exposes of this kind of insidious voter fraud, showing up and close and personal what is going on.

According to Texas Scorecard, O'Keefe uncovered a slew of it, this time in San Antonio:

Newly released undercover footage appears to reveal a ballot harvesting operation in San Antonio, collecting votes for Democrat candidates.

Project Veritas, known for their unique brand of covert journalism, released the video on Tuesday, which shows a ballot chaser named Raquel Rodriguez as she illegally harvests mail ballots, offers gifts for their completion, and admits that what she is doing is illegal.

In one clip, she is shown apparently helping a voter change her vote from Republican John Cornyn to Democrat M.J. Hegar.

“What I do—picking up those ballots when he was with me—that’s illegal. I could go to jail. I’m a little apprehensive to tell anybody what I’m [expletive] doing, you know what I’m saying?” Rodriguez explains in the video. 

Rodriquez also says she can bring at least 7,000 voters to the polls.



The undercover expose of ballot-harvesting is hardly the first, though. Orange County was flipped blue after ballots and ballots kept coming in after election day, until Democrats reached the totals they wanted. American Thinker's Andrea Widburg wrote earlier about a similar case around Houston, not too long ago. There also was a big case in North Carolina so bad it forced a judge to demand a re-do. O'Keefe also demonstrated yet another case in Rep. Ilhan Omar's Minnesota that may be linked to Omar herself.

Apparently it goes on all over the place, with nursing homes, group homes, and other places, with insentient and vulnerable residents top targets. Often the non-citizen staff are paid off and with no stake in the system or else leftwing themselves, happy to accommodate the harvesters. This instancee exposed by O'Keefe shows a ballot harvestor pressuring and forcing an elderly resident to change her vote and put her initials onto the change.

Which is just one reason among many why ballot harvesting should be illegal and outside California usually is.

Apparently it goes on all over the place, even places where it's illegal, as it is in Texas. Prosecuting is hard even with a willing prosecutor, and in place where there isn't, and little fear of getting caught, well, word is out: Ballot harvest without consequences.

The mainstream press says voter fraud is rare but with O'Keefe uncovering case after case. Plenty of others are turning up without O'Keefe, too, suggesting a widespread racket.

Somebody is getting paid for these things, and big bucks. Ballot-harvesting, after all, is pretty hard work.

It would be nice to know who.

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