Ronna McDaniel's Twitter feed tells you what the polls are missing

If you pay attention only to the polls and the mainstream media narrative, you'll believe that, even though the presidential race is tightening, Biden still maintains a lead and can handily win the upcoming election.  However, if you look at the information on the Twitter feed of Ronna McDaniel, the GOP chairwoman, you'll see an entirely different story and one that is more in sync with Trump's well attended rallies compared to Biden's anemic afternoon teas.

Today, Joe Biden shuffled out of his basement for another one of his "rallies."  It was an embarrassment:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is doing two to three rallies a day, every day, and looking more vibrant and alive with each passing appearance before tens of thousands of people.

The interesting question, and the one the mainstream media would prefer you don't ask, is who are the people attending Biden's rallies?  As was the case in 2016, the Trump campaign and the GOP are paying close attention to the people showing up.  Here are data that McDaniel published from the last several Trump rallies.  In tweet after tweet, pay attention to the number of non-Republicans at the rallies and the number of people who did not support Trump in 2016.  The Midwestern numbers are extraordinary.

Just as we had the famous Reagan Democrats, it looks as if this election is going to see a huge number of Trump Democrats.  Those voters aren't necessarily going to appear in traditional polling.  Likewise, to the extent that almost all polling outfits, in the days before the election, focus on people who have a track record of voting, these enthusiastic newbies also aren't getting counted.

Now add in the number of African-Americans who support Trump.  Just three days ago, Rasmussen reported that 46% of blacks approve of Trump:

If blacks are indeed switching their allegiance to Trump and away from the Democrat party that's exploited them for so long, that's a devastating blow to the Democrats.  Moreover, Trump either has either maintained the solid support he had in 2016 from Hispanics or has strengthened that support (depending upon which polls you're relying).

Media outlets also say that early voting hugely favors Biden, but that's not true, either.  For more information on that Democrat disappointment, you have to look to Australia, where a news outfit put together an excellent segment showing that Biden has a pretty small lead over Trump in early voting.  Moreover, given the number of non-Republicans showing up at the Trump rallies, no one should assume that all of the Democrats who voted early are, in fact, voting for Biden:

What's apparent is that, despite Trump's tweets, which purists and snobs deplore (and supporters adore), and despite the insanity of 2020, Trump has expanded his base.  Moreover, when you see thousands of people lining up to attend his rallies, no matter the weather, you've got to believe that they're also going to make the effort to vote:

An estimated 65% of Americans are allegedly planning to vote this year.  This means that, if you're voting in person, vote now.  Don't wait until November 3.  The high voter turnout could find you standing in line for hours or, even worse, being unable to vote.

As Sean Hannity has said, everyone should assume that his vote will be the one that makes the difference — and that's true whether you're in a blue or a red state.  After all, even though the popular vote is constitutionally irrelevant, the best outcome is one that sees the Democrats realize that they haven't just lost by a little; they've lost by a lot.  (And yes, I'm assuming a Trump victory.  I can't help this creeping optimism.)

Image: Data from Trump rally in Wisconsin.  Twitter screen grab.

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