There's plenty of room under the Progressive bus

One of the more interesting dramas that will evolve rapidly in a Harris/Biden administration, should the two be successful in collecting enough votes in swing states to sway the Electoral College in their favor, is who will get "thrown under the bus" as the Progressives seize power.

Robert Reich, the labor secretary under Clinton, recently suggested a "truth and reconciliation commission" to "[e]rase Trump's lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe." 

While clearly aimed at Trump's supporters, Reich's recommendation is broad enough to allow anyone who fails to demonstrate sufficient fealty to whatever Progressives direct.  My prediction is that the first target after Trump and his supporters, and maybe even before, will be Joe Biden.  If his mental decline doesn't elicit a resignation or invocation of the 25th Amendment, the Progressives will latch on to the evident criminality of the Biden Enrichment Enterprise, giving them the opportunity to clear the decks of dead-wood old-time Democrats.  There is little genuine love or respect for Biden in Progressive circles, whom the Democrat establishment propped up to replace their beloved Socialist Grandpa Bernie Sanders.  Biden has been merely the least threatening "flavor of the day" to overthrow President Trump.  Sending Joe, Hunter, and the rest of the Bidens to the woodshed would give President Harris, our "tough prosecutor," the appearance of an apolitical leader "draining the swamp" of bipartisan corruption.

With a Harris/Biden victory, look for the Hunter Biden investigation to go from media silence to the front page after January 20.  Biden will vacate the presidency, citing medical issues, shortly after that, with a back-room promise from the Harris A.G. that the investigation will produce much sound and fury but no penalties or surrender of influence-peddling money.

The purge won't end there.  James Comey,  who infuriated Democrats four years ago with his late October pronouncement re-opening the Hillary Clinton email investigation, is another likely target.  Comey is the textbook definition of self-serving, and though he attempted repentance with the swamp creatures and Progressives by forwarding and supporting the Steele dossier, he is expendable and will finally be held to account for his criminality.  Christopher Wray at the FBI will be shown the door, and if any criminality can be proved, he'll also be subject to the whims of the Progressive mob.  All this presumes that Comey and Wray haven't procured sufficient dirt on whoever is leading the Progressive movement for leverage to avoid prosecution.

But the crown jewel may be a vestige of old-school corrupt Democrat leadership.  Hillary Clinton recently admitted that she gets physically ill when she considers a second Trump term.  She may find scant comfort in a Harris/Biden victory.  A Progressive/Socialist (P/S) purge to ensure party purity and elimination of the Old Guard may include the Clintons.  Coming revelations from Ghislaine Maxwell about former president Clinton's conduct, potentially with underage girls, may convince the P/S leadership to ditch the Clintons.  The decades of criminality by the Clinton Foundation will serve as easy material to secure a criminal indictment to discredit the Clintons.  As with the Bidens, there will be much sound and fury, but no penalties or jail time.  In a perverse way, we'll all get our wish that Hillary Clinton "just goes away."

While a Trump victory will allow the rule of law to hold those accountable for the Russia hoax and the Biden influence-peddling ring, a Harris/Biden victory will unleash a torrent of vengeance and payback that Stalin or Mao would admire, against all enemies of the Progressive leadership cabal.  Buckle up, folks.