Does Pelosi secretly want to boot a President Biden?

Nancy Pelosi has proposed a bill setting up a commission to remove a president under the 25th Amendment.  She says andpeople think this is aimed at President Trump, yet even a cursory review of what is happening lately may suggest otherwise.  Why set up a commission to remove a president three weeks before an election, unless she somehow perceives this as good politics? Perhaps we should take a closer look at the real Joe Biden.  It's no secret Biden has been hiding in his basement for months.  When he does speak, he often is confused and wrong on many facts, like where he is and what office he is running for.  A look at his recent public appearances shows carefully staged events with only a few people present who are sitting or standing in designated white circles.  He doesn't take any serious questions.  At one "speech," he even asked someone to make the teleprompter catch up with him,...(Read Full Post)
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