Rigged debate? Check out who the next moderator was caught tweeting to

Update: Steve Scully claims his Twitter account was hacked. Twitter and federal authorities are investigating.

Conservatives are constantly derided and gaslighted by the press for seeing evidence of media bias and collusion with Democrats. In this current round of presidential debates, Chris Wallace and Susan Page were clearly in the tank for Joe Biden. To varying extents they interrupted and argued with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, while asking soft easy gentle and favorite-topic questions for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They also threw out harsh, nasty have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife bad-premise questions to Trump and Pence, while humoring senile old Joe and his fake-laughing sidekick.

Funny how that happens, again and again. It's almost like someone's slipped questions to the Democrats, or someone's working hand in hand with them. There was a funny feeling about how Kamala Harris, for instance, knew how to segue into the next question in the last debate.

Now there's another funny incident and this one looks like proof:



Which is unbelievably disgusting. It's bad enough that the man selected to be the impartial moderator in this debate, Scully, once worked as an intern for Joe Biden. Now we've got him seeking advice from the rabidly Trump-hating Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired from the Trump administration for his foul language, lunatic love life, and outrageous handling of the press. Scully needs advice on how to handle Trump from a freakish turncoat like Scaramucci?  It sounds like this guy is absolutely lost on the matter of handling candidates for one, but the fact that he chose Scaramucci as his advisor, instead of someone respectable sounds like he's already in the tank for the anti-Trumpsters.

The tweet has since been deleted from Scully's Twitter feed, and people on Twitter noted that it very likely had the look of a DM or direct messaging message that got misdirected as a public tweet. This by the way, was the same mistake a different Anthony from New York made, one Anthony Weiner, who sent out his private-part pictures and then claimed that his Twitter account was hacked.

What's going on here is rigging, and it's good to see that President Trump's son Don, Jr. has noticed. 



Scully is going to be just as biased as the rest of them, desperately determined to sink President Trump's candidacy, same as Wallace and Page tried to do. Scully will interrupt and argue with Trump, as well as refuse to let him rebut mendacious attacks, while directing soft, gentle 'if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be' questions to Joe Biden.

 Given how often the sneaky left gets found out on matters like these (think: the debate questions CNN 'secretly' slipped to Donna Brazile in 2016), it's obvious a lot of this stuff is going on.

Scully should be kicked out immediately for this conflict of interest, to be replaced by an impartial newsman such as Fox News' Britt Hume.

But this never happens. Each one just keeps getting worse than the last one. That's the fault of the Presidential Debate Commission, a supposedly nonpartisan body, which comes down for the Democrats again and again. Most of the members of the Commission, notes lefty but honest lefty commentator Yashar Ali, are gerontocrats, people in their 70s and 80s, with the majority of them Democrats. The few Republicans among them (think: Olympia Snowe), who, sure enough, is one of the two I spotted, are RINO grade Republicans, not people recognizable as members of the current Republican Party as it is. They are relics of the past, courtly George Bush, Sr.-type Republicans always making excuses for the other side.

That underlines that that body is long overdue for some serious reform. What does the Commission, by the way, have to say about Scully's little slip of the tweet? Nothing, as of this writing, nothing that I can find. There's naked bias and rigging going on and they have nothing to say about it. It's time to get rid of them, same as Scully.

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