C'mon, man: Biden must answer court-packing question

The Commission on Presidential Debates will become irreversibly illegitimate unless it reverses course on in-person debates, which alone can force Joe Biden to answer the single most important question in this election: whether Biden would pack to the Supreme Court with additional seats, forever transforming our Constitution's three-branch form of government into a two-branch system. \ The Constitution allows Congress to set the number of Supreme Court seats.  After several decades of trial and error, in 1869, Congress settled on nine seats, which has been a bedrock of stability in America's form of government for 151 years.  For more than half of our nation's existence, there has been only one attempt to change that number.  Franklin Roosevelt in 1937 proposed increasing the number of justices to guarantee a pro–New Deal majority.  Even fellow Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the idea, a repudiation that helped fuel...(Read Full Post)
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