Unlike the Russia Hoax, China really is a bad actor in America

Since Nixon went to China in 1972, the accepted approach to China has been that we Americans must entice China to abandon communism for a capitalist economy that will bring freedom in its wake.  China, however, opted for a fusion of mercantilism and fascism, floating on a sea of industrial espionage and fraud, money-saving pollution, slave labor, and unfair dealing.  While President Trump has been fighting back, in 2020, America's fully socialist Democrat party, accidentally or on purpose, sided with China against America.  I'm prepared to offer four pieces of evidence to support this assertion.

The Wuhan virus is a man-made disease.  In February, Sen. Tom Cotton first suggested that the Wuhan virus was not naturally occurring, but, instead, was created in a Chinese bio-weapons lab.  Seven months later, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a virologist who was forced to flee Hong Kong, asserted that she has proof that China manufactured the virus and knew about its dangerous properties long before alerting the world.

Yan released her paper, which the media either ignored or excoriated on superficial grounds.  The Chinese, though, took it seriously, because just three weeks later, they arrested Yan's mother for the crime of being Yan's mother.  Despite that threat, Yan has released a second paper supporting the first. The mainstream media has assiduously ignored the entire narrative.

Despite Yan's paper, the jury is still out on whether China created the virus.  Non-partisan actors in the scientific community (if there are any) have not yet had a chance to analyze the new paper or conduct independent analyses of available data. Still, the available information is suggestive.

There's reason to believe that China deliberately encouraged the Western world's lockdown.  Tablet is a Jewish-oriented magazine that is left-leaning.  On September 15 — at roughly the same time that Yan went public with her accusations — Tablet published an article accusing the Chinese government of using social media and other disinformation to spread panic and encourage the lockdowns that damaged many national economies.

The article describes how China used its outsized influence at the World Health Organization to encourage lockdowns.  It also discusses China's massive disinformation campaign, which relied on fake data to encourage lockdowns.  The propaganda allowed Xi to exert greater dictatorial control within China while destroying competition outside China.  I recommend reading it.

China is behind the Black Lives Matter riots.  I've known Trevor Loudon for years, and therefore, I know he is the most dogged researcher in the world when it comes to the way communism has infiltrated the West.  He has the patience to track down every article, and every citation in the article, and then every citation in the next level of articles, until he finally ferrets out the people, the ideology, and the money behind the leftist ideas that have flooded the West for decades.

In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, a Hong Kong–based, pro-liberty newspaper, Loudon said he's tracked down the roots of this summer's Black Lives Matter riots — and the facts show that China is either behind the riots or substantially promoted them:

Most of the riots that racked the United States within the last few months were organized by two socialist organizations which have close ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), said Trevor Loudon, author, and filmmaker, who has been researching radical and terrorist groups and their covert influence on mainstream politics for more than 30 years.

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) based out of Minneapolis, an openly pro-CCP organization, and Bay Area-based Liberation Road, with very close ties to the Chinese consulate there and the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), are behind the recent riots, Loudon said in a recent interview on Epoch Times' Crossroads program.

China doesn't want its people to hear the truth.

The words China found offensive were Pence's claim that Democrat initiatives, including "economic surrender to China[, are] a prescription for economic decline"; that Biden "has been a cheerleader for communist China over the last several decades"; and that China is to blame for the coronavirus."

China has been preparing for decades to displace America as the world's pre-eminent superpower.  It's relied on dishonest industrial tactics, the mafia-like Belt and Road initiative (which puts poorer countries deeply in China's debt), and military expansion in the South China Sea.  Trump has been blocking these moves, but China has found in America a political movement that is willing to embrace its politics and diseases to ensure that their mutual enemy, Donald Trump, will not win re-election.

Image: Biden and Harris, modified in Pixlr.  YouTube screen grab.