Progressives don't really want the revolution they crave

I wonder if my progressive friends and colleagues would believe me if I told them that a hundred years ago, Soviet prisons were full of good socialists and good Marxists.  They too at first cheered on the riots and the revolution. What today's good progressives don't understand is that professional revolutionaries have a different relationship with an ideology or a cause from the good progressives'.  Professional revolutionaries remind me of the joke about the humble villager from abroad visiting the West and taken by friends to a fashion show — runway models and all that.  Asked afterward if he enjoyed the show, the visitor shakes his head.  He didn't care for it at all.  Why?  "First they show you the women," he says.  "Then they try to sell you the clothes." The professional revolutionary dangles the ideology.  He shows you the cause.  But what...(Read Full Post)
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