The Twilight Zone world of 'gender identification'

If you've grown to adulthood with the idea that there are only two sexes, you may have to be re-educated to disabuse yourself of the notion that men are males and women are females.  In an era that some refer to as a cultural revolution, all the precepts that formed the building blocks of our education and our innate intelligence are being transmogrified into a bizarre and confusing set of guidelines that astonish and baffle even the most aesthetically sophisticated among us.

I'm referring to a new and insidious form of indoctrination that seeks to force a perverse type of "gender" identification into the minds of those unwilling to sacrifice common sense for irrational dogma.  Recently, I read about a philosophy professor who had just returned from a sabbatical at Ohio's Shawnee State University.  Dr. Nicholas Meriwether began taking questions from students during his first day back in the classroom.  A male student raised his hand and was acknowledged by the professor with the words, "Yes, sir?"  After the class ended, the student approached him and explained that he, the student, who considers himself a woman, directed the prof to refer to him with feminine pronouns from that time on.

Taken aback by this sudden assault on his sensibilities, Dr. Meriwether responded the way most rational human beings would: he said, "I'm not sure I can do that."  According to the prof, the student began showing signs of agitation, pacing in circles around him, raising his voice, and using profane language toward the man who was refusing to relinquish a lifetime of experience in sex classification in order to satisfy the whims of an abusively aggressive and possibly mentally disturbed young man.  After realizing that the professor would not submit to his irrational demands, the impudent tyrant-in-training said he would see to it that the professor lost his job.

During a saner time in our history, such threats would be dismissed as merely the histrionic rantings of a spoiled child.  Sadly, we no longer live in such a time.  Instead, our institutions of learning have been commandeered by the most radical elements of left-wing ideology, turning them into social engineering laboratories.  They believe we need to be retrofitted with a new understanding of the human species.  Hence, if a person is equipped with testicles and a penis, that's no reason for you to think he's a male.  In addition, if a thick growth of hair sprouts from the face of such a being, you have no right to assume he possesses one X and one Y chromosome.  Moreover, if you hear a deep bass tone emanating from the throat of such individual, you are to disregard a lifetime of logic and wait until you're told what it is you're looking at and listening to.

Therefore, if you're approached by a bipedal entity, dressed in jeans and a cardigan, who claims to be a four-legged wildebeest, think twice before contradicting.  If I appear to be showing disrespect for these people, it's no worse than what they do when someone disagrees with their foggy interpretations of the human condition.

In Dr. Meriwether's case, a letter of discipline was put in his file, indicating that he had treated the student "differently" by not referring to him as "Miss" and "she."  Holy moly, Batman, this is a script only Rod Serling could have written!  The fact is the professor didn't treat the student differently; he was treated the same as others.  It is the student who wanted to be treated differently from what the rest of humanity gets.

That's because, in left-wing orthodoxy, 99.99% of the population should kowtow to the other 0.01 percent.  Otherwise, everyone will be vilified as some sort of "phobe" or "ist" in an attempt to frighten people into shutting down their natural ability to distinguish one sex from another.  Imagine how endangered you'd be if you were in NYC and didn't genuflect to Mayor de Blasio's 31 genders mandate.  If you made the mistake of confusing a "gender fluid" person with a "gender bender," it might cost you a fine of $250,000.  Even Rod Serling wouldn't be creative enough to come up with such a terrifying script.

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