Democrats find another judge to favor voting by mail

The Democrats in Texas are doing everything they can to mail voters a ballot.  The latest comes from another one of those Harris County judges:

A state district judge on Friday ruled that Harris County can move forward with its plan to send every registered voter an application to request a mail-in ballot for the November general election.

Then Judge Sandill got really technical:

"The Legislature has spoken at length on the mechanisms for mail-in voting. There are no fewer than 42 Election Code provisions on the subject," Sandill wrote. 

"In those provisions, the Legislature has made clear that in order to vote by mail a voter first 'must make an application for an early voting ballot.' But, as to how the voter is to obtain the application, the Election Code is silent."

Silent?  We have something called an absentee ballot process down here.  My mother plans to use it in 2020 because she can't stand in line at her age.  My son used it in previous years when he was doing military service.

In other words, no one in Texas is required to stand in line and catch the virus.  Request an absentee ballot, and it's a done deal.

The Democrats are so eager to mail ballots that it makes me wonder if they fear a low turnout. 

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