Trump's victory must be a rout

In Super Bowl XXII, Doug Williams led the Washington Redskins (unclear if referring to them by name is "retro-allowed") to a crushing victory over John Elway and the Denver Broncos.  Although Elway started the game with a beautiful touchdown pass and the Broncos seemed poised to coast to a definitive win, something dramatic happened to Washington in the second quarter, and the Redskins ultimately crushed the Broncos 42-10.

Since no NFL game has aired in our home since Colin Kapernick singlehandedly brought the institution to its collective knees, the football reference must reach back to the sport's better days.  Yet the example stands, and Super Bowl XXII should reflect the 2020 election.  Trump must rout Joe Biden and the left by running up the score without mercy.

The challenge for America is that mercy seems wired into the DNA of this great country — we feel bad when the other team is crushed and want to "pull our punches."  Despite past and present faults, America remains a generous country that winces at others who suffer.  Even our war machines reflect the unspoken creed of "loving who's behind us rather than hating those in front of us."

While benevolence is a wonderful and aspiring trait, it cannot be extended to the ideas of the left.  The field is not fair, and the umpires in the media are one-sided.  Although many may not have the stomach for such defeat, it nevertheless remains the only path to save the country.  Trump simply winning the election cannot be the goal ─ demolishing and demoralizing the left must remain paramount.  All evidence supports America's existence requiring the 2020 election to be irrefutable rather than a "squeaker."   

Despite the mortality of COVID-19 being dwarfed by that of socialism, America's political left applauds the ideals that led to staggering numbers of deaths and misery.  One cannot negotiate with death — or those wittingly, unwittingly, or half-wittingly espousing such demise.  How does one negotiate with those who ruin if unable to rule?  Can graciousness be offered to a marauder bent on destruction?

An assailant's plea for mercy can be heard only in the theater of defeat.

Until those carrying the banner for such deadly ideals are defeated or at least marginalized, America's division will remain and ultimately destroy this nation. 

If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. —Mark 3:25

As voters head to the polls and reject the fraud-laden mail-out ballots, will the American people's conviction be worthy of the resolve of soldiers on D-Day?  May we not be ashamed to stand in such company of worthy warriors who fought, bled, and died for the ideal of America.

When standing in line at polling stations, minds should be filled with Nancy Pelosi ripping a speech and handing out impeachment pens.  Our thoughts should recall the feckless behavior of Paul Ryan, the duplicity of Mitt Romney, the lies of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, and the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh.  Closing the curtain in the booth, we should remember the socks worn by NFL players that depicted police officers as pigs.  For each button pushed on the ballot, we should consider the carnage of our major cities.

Exiting the polling stations, may we remember the burning of our flags, Bibles, and places of worship.  When questioned by pollsters, our answers should exhibit our awareness of the 92% negative coverage of President Trump by the mainstream media.

Because the left in this country values its power more than the collective pain it inflicts, leftists must be decisively opposed.

Trump's November victory ─ America's victory — must crush the virus of socialism and leave no doubt of the American people's will.  The lives standing behind us deserve our resolve to protect them.

Peter Rosenberger is an author and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Hope for the

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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