Did Telemundo give Biden the audience's questions in advance?

We know that Joe Biden relies on a teleprompter.  Proof came from a Zoom-style interview Biden had with James Corden.  When Biden proudly showed a framed picture of his sons to Corden, the glass reflected the teleprompter lines for this "spontaneous chat."  Biden has also been heard reading the instructions on the teleprompter and squinting to get a better view of the words.  It now appears that Telemundo fed Biden questions in advance.  It's the only way to explain Biden's weird statement to the interviewer that "I lost that line." The setup is that Biden met with José Díaz-Balart of Telemundo for an interview.  What's currently circulating on the internet is a video that shows a confused Biden, who had just promised not to deport illegal aliens, suddenly looking worried and announcing, "I lost that line." What is happening here in this interview w/ @JoeBiden?...(Read Full Post)
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