A Democrat mourns: Not enough entertainment in the White House!

A friend of a friend complains the White House is sorely a-lack with no art, concerts, poetry readings, or suchlike enlightened entertainments.

Yep.  The president is just 24/7 trying to do his job, sacrificing his salary to charity, working himself day after day to repatriate jobs lost by the worst president, to all investigative opinion, working to create better jobs for minorities, blacks, Latinos, women, and teens; working to  get PPE and the vaccine to fix the obscenity of the Chinese pandemic. 

Yes, he's just doing the job the people elected him to do.  And his wife, the beauteous Melania, re-sodded the lickin' garden or whatever poison thing Michelle planted that had to be uprooted.  So Melania made a more reasonable and beautiful garden, unlike that friend who mourns the missing Frisbee on the lawn, and fishing outings over doing one's job. 

Of all the presidents, Trump plays less golf than his predecessor, who failed us in every single respect, including prison reform, jail reform, helping blacks, and so on, who played golf all the time, took expensive vacations with 70 people in tow that we underwrote with our taxes, as his wife took separate hols, so we paid twice for the relaxation of that lazy couple who  somehow made off with enough for a $12-million home on the seashore of lily-white Martha's Vineyard.  Plus the Chicago mansion.  Plus those things we are not privy to, but we know he maneuvered into his pocket.

Yep.  Trump took the tattered and threadbare military that begged for updated equipment, current planes, jets, military armamentaria, computers, and gear, and refurbished it with two trillion dollars, as befits our country's need for defense, unlike the prior prez, the failed loser  with dubious schooling and worse grades that were locked away from, heaven forbid, prying eyes.  

Yep, unlike the hortatory hoper and changer, Trump actually accomplished stuff, including re-siting Israel's capital in Jerusalem, which umpteen presidents had promised, and all had reneged on.  He got the Golan firmly back to Israel.  And established historic accords between the UAE and Bahrain and Israel — which got him two Nobel nominations in one month — and more nations to follow. 

But no paintings!  No concerts! 

Yep, just doing his best to rally the people.  Not the BLM murderers and arsonists and fascists in hoodies with flamethrowers, who kill anyone in their way, dragging motorists out of their cars and  beating them nearly to death.  Nope.  Trump has not had the time for that entertainment.  It's a hard choice, all right. 

Yep, all he does is work around the clock.  Bringing industry back to the millions who were deprived of jobs by Biden and his boss, who sent millions of jobs and loads of industries overseas to enrich our foes. 

We all miss the paintings — although the former occupants' portraits count, don't they? — and the concerts that cannot take place because of the Chinese plague, so the writer of that piece of inutility forgot about the plague infusing and infesting every aspect of life in the country — including the country's house.

So the calculus is this: paintings and concerts for the sub-minute number of visitors to the W.H., now, versus the millions of jobs, repatriation of industry, return of prisoners of American extraction who have been brought back to their homes in the U.S.  Hmm.  What a predicament: paintings and concerts for 100 versus rescue of 50 wrongly imprisoned American citizens from the world's more famous hellholes, plus the return of U.S. companies and industries exported with glee and bonus millions by the Bidens and Obamas over eight feckless years in louche-roulette years.  

Gee, now that's a tough one. 

Yep, we sure do miss those paintings and the poetry, 'cause he's just too darned busy doing his job.