What Obama did at John Lewis's funeral was unconscionable

The people of the left have shown their true colors these past four years. They have revealed for all to see just how low they will go to destroy the people they hate.  With every fiber of their beings — Democrats, the media, mindless celebrities, et al. are intent upon destroying the country if it will ensure President Trump's defeat. We have learned that they support the rioters, vandals, and looters.  They've long made it clear they loathe the military.  Now we know that, like the violent activists of Antifa and BLM, they do not support the police.  They want to defund them.  They seem to think that by standing with the criminals, they will defeat President Trump in November.  So deluded by their hatred for this president are they that they actually believe that a majority of the American people agree with them.  They do not.  Ask the residents of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle,...(Read Full Post)
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