Black Lives Matter (except if you are black)

Pretty catchy logo, BLM, and I like the extra added touch of the fist thing.  Since I am in the t-shirt biz, I can appreciate good marketing.

If you are a corporation and want to look good, you will not only support BLM; you will paint it on your logos, your buildings.  If you are a sports league, especially one with a large black fan base, your world is now black and white, minus the white, of course.

Major League Baseball, basketball, everyone except golf.  Not too many black golfers, excluding Tiger, of course.

If by chance you slip and say "All Lives Matter," you are banished, banned, canceled, burned at the local Christopher Columbus statue for heresy.  Only black lives matter, don't you know?

To prove your worth and that you are sufficiently "woke," especially if you are a rabbi at a conservative or a reform synagogue, you must proclaim solidarity to and fealty to the "oppressed" people.

You necessarily have to ignore the rampant antisemitism from black leaders.  You have to ignore the almost daily beatings of Jews in Brooklyn and other parts of the world by some in this community.  You cannot speak out about famous black influencers like "Ice Cube," Nick Cannon, the NFL's DeSean Jackson, former NBA player Stephen Jackson, talk show hosts, and rappers who support Farrakhan's not too subtle calls for violence and hatred toward Jews.  After all, they cannot help themselves now, can they?  Our white privilege causes them to act this way.  That is the height of racism to me.  The biggest victims of crime are blacks from black people.

Many black people are fed up.  They get it, but if they speak out, they are ostracized in their own communities.  Same with Jews.  I have been called a racist, a capo (me, a capo) because of my long-running commentary on our former president, Obama.

I was racist because I didn't want more immigration from communities with an 85-percent rate of antisemitic feelings toward Jews.  One local Jewish person who used to live in my neighborhood even called me out because I supported Israel.  "You only care about Israel."  Well, I am Jewish, and I am an American.  I care deeply and passionately for both.

If you want to prove your wokeness, you need to put BLM signs on your lawn.  If you are particularly "woke," you must add the one with the fist.

Now let's talk about BLM for a second.  I am sure that you are aware that this particular organization is a Marxist-Leninist, antisemitic organization.  It is in their charter that Israel is an apartheid state.  Leaders have stated publicly that they are "trained Marxists" — what the hell does that mean?

That fist is the same imagery used by the communists in the Soviet Union and the black panthers in the 1960s.  Not that there is anything wrong with that...?

So how does BLM help black people?  It doesn't.  What does it do for them?  Teaches them a new skill — Statue Removal 101, burning down Starbucks for beginners?  Hunting, stabbing, killing black conservatives for beginners.  I have to add that many of the rioters (not protesters) are white people. 

Black athletes have jumped on the bandwagon.  Lebron James has made fortunes in the United States and criticizes white people every chance he gets.  When it comes to criticizing China (LeBron, et al. stand to make a lot of money), not so much.  China has imprisoned over one million ethnic Uyghurs (Muslims) and uses some for slave labor.  China has reneged on the agreement to leave Hong Kong alone.  We all know how many of the players reacted to China canceling NBA games.  Nary a peep — in fact, they publicly criticized Houston's coach who spoke out.

I respect and I like LeBron James.  He has done a tremendous amount for his community in Akron.  He is a good dad who says a lot because he didn't grow up with one.  However, as far as to help black people and racism, he is divisive and creates more tension than he is solving.  Are you the NBA or the Black Lives Matter league?  Our country is based on the premise that "we are all created equal."  This means that All Lives Matter.  Blacks, whites, all are governed by the same laws.  If one group is above or below that standard, then we cease to be the United States that has lasted for over 200 years. 

Former president Obama used the platform of a funeral for John Lewis to divide the races further.  Listen to his speech.  I don't miss him.

Charles Barkley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar deserve respect and kudos for saying the right thing.  Kareem stood up and criticized the racism and antisemitism that pervades his community.  He is right when he says that this type of behavior doesn't help.  Becoming whom you hate doesn't help anyone.  Are there specific demands from BLM I am not including — prostrating oneself and begging for forgiveness for events that happened hundreds of years ago by other people?

The answer is no. Anti-capitalism, defunding the police department, and a hatred for any statue of any white person. Have they proposed anything constructive? Just change for change's sake. Replace our policeman with who, Black Panthers? Sorry, no thanks. Reform the police, okay, that sounds great. What does that mean? 

Christopher Columbus's statues are twisting in the wind nationwide. Other than that, Naaah. Just anarchy, platitudes, virtue signaling by people who live in progressive neighborhoods and need to feel good about themselves. 

If black lives mattered, crime would be addressed in our nation's big cities, mostly black people killing black people. 

If black lives mattered, these paragons of virtue would speak out about the lack of intact family units in the black community.

If black lives mattered, then black people with conservative or religious views wouldn't be shunned. They would be valued.

If black lives mattered, abortion clinics wouldn't be mostly situated in their communities.

Take a step back and think about this; most major cities with problems have been Democratic-controlled for decades.

Racism seems to rear its ugly head every four years, as soon as the election is over, nada, nothing, crickets. 

The country was united after watching that horrible video. It has been quite a while; we all should have had some perspective and distance from even them.

Unfortunately, we are in much worse condition. Our cities are burning, and race relations are worse. The insanely cynical have used this to promote their agenda, and it isn't about helping black people.

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