Hundreds of NPR and PBS stations broadcast Noam Chomsky's anti-Trump rant

Somehow, I got on AlterNet's daily email list. AlterNet is a prominent left-wing website that has been online since 1998 and, according to Alexa, has a respectable rank of the #5,752 most popular website in the United States.

The most popular article at AlterNet yesterday was a transcript of iconic leftist professor Noam Chomsky's interview on the daily Democracy Now! radio and television program last Thursday.  That sick but multiple award–winning program is broadcast on multiple platforms including "over 1,400 public television and radio stations," including many on U.S. government–supported NPR and PBS.  Another example of our tax dollars at work!

Here's an excerpt of what Chomsky said on the program:

Going back to this election, that is the reason why it is the most dangerous, the most significant election in history. Why Trump is, in fact — this may sound outrageous, but it's true—Trump is the most dangerous figure in human historyThe Republican Party today is the most dangerous organization in human history. You can compare Trump to, say, Hitler, the Wannsee declaration in 1942, called for killing all the Jews, tens of millions of Slavs, not destroying humanized society. There has been nothing like this. Nothing. [Emphasis added.]

Noam Chomsky.  Screen shot of his appearance July 30, 2020 on Democracy Now!

Chomsky, who is 91 and is clearly starting to show his age, is still very active.  He has been associated with MIT since 1955.  In 2017, he was appointed laureate professor of the University of Arizona.  In addition to being one of the most revered political gurus to millions of leftists, Chomsky is described as a widely published linguist, philosopher, and cognitive scientist.  According to his lengthy profile at Wikipedia, he is "sometimes called 'the father of modern linguistics.'"

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