What Obama did at John Lewis's funeral was unconscionable

The people of the left have shown their true colors these past four years.

They have revealed for all to see just how low they will go to destroy the people they hate.  With every fiber of their beings — Democrats, the media, mindless celebrities, et al. are intent upon destroying the country if it will ensure President Trump's defeat.

We have learned that they support the rioters, vandals, and looters.  They've long made it clear they loathe the military.  Now we know that, like the violent activists of Antifa and BLM, they do not support the police.  They want to defund them.  They seem to think that by standing with the criminals, they will defeat President Trump in November.  So deluded by their hatred for this president are they that they actually believe that a majority of the American people agree with them.  They do not.  Ask the residents of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and the other cities under siege.

Once vibrant business sectors of those cities have been decimated and now resemble the crime-ridden streets of third-world nations.  Business-owners have been financially ruined.  Still, the Democrats do not speak out against the violence.  They defend it.  They seem almost to celebrate it as if it is warranted because they lost the 2016 election.

How vulgar is the left?  One only has to see some of the tweets or leftists' comments on the death of Herman Cain.  This fine and accomplished man was raked over leftist coals for having attended the Trump rally, for not wearing a mask.  Twitter was gleeful, as were the ever-bottom-dwelling Joe and Mika, who blamed Trump outright for Cain's death.

But there was no worse display of political pornography than Obama's evangelical, tent revivalist screed at John Lewis's funeral.  He did begin by remembering Lewis's life and importance, but he soon pivoted to base racial politics with the craven use and misuse of the Bible and history.  The former president apparently thinks so little of his audience that he assumes we don't know that every racist he invoked was a Democrat.  George Wallace?  Democrat.  Bull Connor?  Democrat, as was every other person who imposed the Jim Crow laws and opposed the Civil Rights bills John Lewis fought with the Republicans then in Congress to see passed.

Lewis was one of the true heroes of those days.  He might have been the man to unify the left and right once Trump was elected, but that was not to be.  He fell in with the Trump-haters and so contributed to the further division between left and right, black and white. 

It was Lewis who organized the boycott by Democrats of Trump's inauguration in 2017.  Somewhere along the way, this onetime compatriot of MLK lost his will for racial harmony.  He ultimately became afflicted by the racism that now dominates and shapes the Democrat platform, the misguided conviction that the legacy of slavery has permanently rendered any and every person with black skin a victim.

President Obama doubled down on this brand of racial politics to the unending harm to America.  Obama was not only the most corrupt president in U.S. history, but the most divisive.  He set race relations back at least fifty years.  His speech at Lewis's funeral was true to his schismatic style.  Despite his privileged life, his having been elected to the presidency twice, despite now being a multi-millionaire, this is a man who hates America with a passion that has not abated since he was in office. 

He accused federal agents of using "tear gas and batons" against "peaceful protesters."  As anyone with eyes and a television knows, those were and are not peaceful protesters.  This was a lie.  They were and are violent and destructive of anything in their wake, from small businesses to federal buildings.  Obama went on to spew lies about restricting black Americans from voting.  Wholesale lies, and he knows that what he said is not true.

Favoring voter ID is hardly racist.  Every person in that audience had to show an ID to attend Lewis's funeral, yet to require ID to vote is somehow racist?  It is Obama and his ilk who oppose voter ID because (1) they actually think blacks cannot obtain legal identification and (2) no voter ID makes it easier for them to cheat, and cheat they do.  One would think he was speaking in 1960.  Know this: there are no voter suppression laws.  None.  Obama is lying to frighten black Americans, for whom he clearly has no respect.  His speech degenerated into an attack on all that John Lewis had achieved until Lewis capitulated to the far left of his party.  Obama waxed rhapsodic about all the peaceful protesters; he compared them to the civil rights activists of Lewis's early years.  This was another abject lie, and everyone watching knew. 

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are violent, Marxist organizations who mean to undo America as founded.  This is who the decidedly not "peaceful protesters" are.  Obama's hijacking of the Lewis funeral was despicable; he is a disgrace as a former president.  Whenever he has the opportunity to help heal an aching nation, he chooses instead to incite, to accuse, to condemn.  He is not a good man.

Americans deserved better from their first African-American president.  Thomas Sowell would have been a blessing.  Obama is, and will likely remain, a blight upon the national conscience.

Image credit: Ari Levinson via WikipediaCC BY-SA 3.0.  Processed with Graphite.

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