Clintons hunker down after Epstein revelations, media silent, #BillClintonIsAPedo trends on Twitter

With the presidential campaign heating up and the Democratic convention just days away, it's funny how the Clintons have gone to ground over the past several days on Twitter.

Hillary Clinton hasn't tweeted in four days, and Bill Clinton hasn't tweeted in five. 

Might that have something to do with the recently unsealed 2011 interview from sex-trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre concerning Clinton and his pervy pal Jeffrey Epstein?  Giuffre was an eyewitness and, with no apparent political agenda, told investigators she saw Bill Clinton alone with "two young girls" on Jeffrey Epstein's notorious pedophile island, where child sex and orgies were the norm. 

There's ample reason to believe her, too.  Clinton's sex scandals are legion, with some involving allegations of rape, sexual assault, and diddling of naïve young interns.  Even in his post-presidency, he's been accused of running some sort of Arkansas cathouse. 

He's in apparent hiding now, just as the election season would suggest he'd come out and campaign for Joe Biden, or weigh in on who Joe Biden's running mate should be.

But he's missing.  And the press is curiously incurious.

Oh, sure, there was a cursory denial from a spokesman:

A spokesperson for Bill Clinton denied on Friday that the former president had ever been to late accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's private island.

Spokesperson Angel Ureña issued a statement to Newsweek denying allegations from Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who said she saw Clinton on the private island with "two young girls."

...but that just emphasizes that the Clintons are staying out of sight.  After all, imagine if he had to answer some of these questions:

Imagine if President Trump had been the subject of the eyewitness interview instead of Bill Clinton and the record of it unsealed as the election season heats up.

With the press not willing to do its job, the Twitterverse is taking over — running the hashtag #BillClintonIsAPedo, with enough tweets they've created a Twitter trend, with about 400,000 separate tweets on the topic (language warning for item below):

It's gone viral, because so many unanswered questions are dominant.  Any questions as to why the mainstream media are so distrusted?

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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