Who are the quacks spreading misinformation about COVID-19?

Ever since COVID-19 started, social media and other media outlets along with politicians and politicized bureaucrats have been repeating whatever misinformation they have been presented by doctors, so-called experts and scientists as factual, no matter how wrong they have been before. The information has been a load of crap from the start, but dictatorial, tyrannical, power-hungry governors repeat these draconian policies just follow the science.  I would say "which science," because the supposed experts just keep changing their views. What we have in the media is groupthink.  As with most things, they just repeat the talking points, but the censorship of other views is very dangerous to the prosperity and freedom of the people.  Every headline is that the virus is destroying the economy, but that is a lie.  Most Americans have seen the economy harmed, and only 1.3% to 2% of Americans have tested positive, with a huge...(Read Full Post)
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