The left's new truths in the Age of Wokeness

Dale Carnegie didn't do it.  Neither did Tony Robbins.  The dregs of society are now showing up somewhere on time, speaking audibly, and engaging in physical labor without suing or filing workman's comp.  Let's soberly process the acts of random murder, blinding police officers, and destroying historical federal statues and then continue by looking carefully at additional threats of murder, beatings, and arson.  Let's look at everything from a softer, more objective lens.  With the right lens, a possible explanation for the left's dismissal of the violence emerges.  In terms of Nadleret al., think of the famous line in The Breakfast Club — "Can you describe the ruckus?"  Violence to one man is vocational motivation to another.  There's more good news — if we alter our perspective.  Think of domestic terrorism as the new motivation workshop, like a hybrid of a Chamber of Commerce meeting and a HITT class.

New Truth # 1. De Blasio Is the Definition of Success

Mayor de Blasio of New York is doing a fine job, outstanding, even, the Picasso of Progressivism, with a pinch of Pollack street painting thrown in.  Success is defined as getting what you want, making the dice or domino move right where you want it to, collecting your winnings and celebrating.  New York is now home to human dice and domino.  Instead of being moved by Broadway monologues or warm pizza served by waiters with even warmer smiles, these well cultured dice and dominoes are moving physically.  Some move out of state; some move to and fro as they pace their apartments, afraid to go outside; and some, like dancers in a matinee musical, gather behind the Pied Piper of Progressivism and contort to accommodate whatever the dance scene needs.  Dances all start with "The Fist" — hand extended up with pants dropping down.

De Blasio single-handedly revamped the criminal justice system.  Criminals charged with empirical research are generous with their findings, letting it be known that the turnaround time for getting back out on the street is express, not local.  Crime increase — check!  Police have no leverage — check!  Non-criminals are afraid — check!

New Truth #2. Progressives are the New Achievers

Congratulations are in order.  They did it!  The black-white divide has had the best marketing campaign ever.  Daily, people on TV and in the world at large attempt to teach white Americans that they are offenders who must repent of having been bestowed riches that are undeserved, unearned.  After coming home from work, taking my coat off, and getting online, my email gets graced with enlightening material including a woman's health magazine article about how to talk to your black friends (silly, I always thought we talked by moving our mouths and making words come out — no matter what the race of the person we are talking to) and announcements of racial sensitivity training by various professional groups.

New Truth #3. Emails are Evidence of Increased Emotional Communication

We all get these group emails from professional organizations that seem endless.  Typically, they were always absent of even a hint of emotion.  Well, not now!  No more time, date, and venue —ending with the words "best" or "regards", followed by a standard signature.  A recent professional listserv morphed into a remake of The Crucible.  Just replace witchcraft with racism.  Everyone was either confessing intentional racism (of the white-on-black variety, just to be clear that the reverse wasn't the subject matter), unintentional racism, or failing to sufficiently acknowledge racism in general.  Such emoting!  Feelings were flying like the best poetry reading on the Lower East Side.  Then there were the angry emails about Tom Ford refusing to dress our first lady — oh no, wait, wrong brand of social injustice.  I saw no such thing — chalk it up to claiming poetic license.

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