Lockdown exposes the chasm between the left and right

The shutdown of the U.S. economy, U.S. schools, and everyday life, allegedly dictated by the COVID-19 virus, has been a dream come true for the left. 

Never before had leftists given a thought to the political potential of a flu epidemic or pandemic.

Were Republicans remotely as diabolical as the Democrats, the H1N1 pandemic might have similarly plagued the Obama administration if they had acknowledged it. They did not; Obama ordered testing to cease to keep the numbers low. 

But this time, the left, with Deep State help from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the corrupt CDC, and the wholly bought-and -paid-for-by-China WHO, President Trump was poorly and deceitfully ill advised to order the lockdown that devastated our booming economy, the booming economy the left could not abide.  They had to find a way to destroy it and they did.

That is why the left sees the virus as a gift to be exploited and exploit it they have, just as they've exploited the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the knee of a cop.  For the Democrats, it is the path to victory that matters, never mind the consequences of their self-serving tactics.

With their slavish media on board, they have sufficiently frightened enough of the population to believe that this flu is catastrophically different from all other flu events in order to make the lockdown palpable to the daydream believers.  It is a serious flu, extraordinarily dangerous to the elderly already suffering from other illnesses; diabetes, obesity, compromised lungs, etc.  But it is not nearly so serious for the young and healthy.  Had the truly vulnerable been quarantined and the rest of the population been allowed to go about their normal lives, we would not be where we are today.

But in this case, the Deep State, with its vastly exaggerated computer models, got the better of the president.  He knows this now, of that we can be sure.  He won't fall for their skullduggery again.

Meanwhile, the media and the Democrats are back-slapping each other for their good luck.  They've got the virus and the rioters, looters, and vandals, all of whom they are defending, out there to see that Joe Biden gets elected!

Yes, to the Democrats who want to defeat Trump, the virus is a godsend, no matter how many suffering persons die of it.  Make no mistake: they are cheering the mortality numbers, fudging them every way they can.  The more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, the better for their agenda.

Perhaps New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent all those nursing home patients to die because he hoped their deaths, too, would contribute to Trump's defeat.  Cuomo begged the president for help, then did not use it when Trump delivered.  Why? 

Cuomo's sociopathy should prevent him from ever running for the office again.  New Yorkers should throw him out of office, for he's a menace.

The lockdown, however, has happened, and it is obviously counterproductive to everything Trump knows.  He had to submit, given the now wholly discredited computer models that predicted millions of deaths.  Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx both touted those numbers; they were very wrong.  Trump very likely realized months ago that Fauci, the CDC, the WHO (funded by China), et al. were all political operatives determined to see his administration ruined.  He has had to walk a fine line between reason, hysteria, and phony computer models. 

So far, hysteria has prevailed.  The maskers are out in force.  Masks are largely empty virtue-signals, nothing more.  They may even be dangerous.  The left is totally committed to the necessity of wearing them, but they are merely a sign of capitulation.  People on the right see them for what they are: a pretense of significance and submission, abject compliance.  In fact, the self-appointed mask police are just busybodies who have just discovered a cause they can embrace to puff up their own selves.  They are to be pitied for their irrational fear and for their support of authoritarianism.

So what are the definitive differences between the left and the right re: the lockdown? 

The answer is as easy as it is disturbing. People on the left are self-righteous in their support of the shuttering of businesses.  They feel no concern or sympathy for the millions of people suddenly out of work. 

People on the right are devastated by the damage done to the small businesses they know and love.  They worry about the small business–owners they have come to know well but have been shut down, the waiters and waitresses they know and love.

Oh, sure — House speaker Nancy Pelosi and her minions claim to care.  They want to dole out trillions of dollars to every bureaucrat, ward-heeler and NGO; they want to make sure the economy does not rise again on Trump's watch. 

But they do not want people to go back to work; they crave dependents.  They believe that it is the dependency created by the lockdown that will bring them back to power.  That is why they want the lockdown to continue.  It is their ace in the hole...they think.

Do Americans want to be paid not to work? Some clearly do. Most do not. We are a nation of workers, of self-sufficiency. We are a nation of families, to the eternal frustration of the anti-nuclear family crowd like Black Lives Matter. See their website. Families are why people want to work, to build lives of joy and meaning, to raise up a new generation that will contribute to the future of America. 

But the left has promoted the destruction of the nuclear family since the 1960s, especially the black family. It began with LBJ's noxious Great Society programs that led to the explosion of out-of-wedlock births; it drove fathers from the home by promising support only if there was no father in the home! In not very many years, there were four generations of single mothers, no fathers, in their homes.

It is actual racism that is at the core of the Democratic Party's bigotry, then and now. And now they are doing it again. The left does not care about individuals, the job losses, people's fear of being unable to support their families. They do not care about black people any more than they care about white working people. To our Trump-hating Democrat party these Americans who have been rendered jobless are merely pawns in their game, relegated to the "unemployed" to be used and abused by the media lackeys the democrats rely upon to do their bidding. Power over us all is their ultimate goal.

The Democrats embrace unemployment, the more the better. People on the right actually feel anguish for all the people deprived of work, thanks to the left's vicious political scheme. Conservatives are finding ways to patronize their businesses, pick up their food curbside, tipping generously if they are able. The left? Not so much. They feel nothing for the millions they have rendered jobless. Those invisible people are just cogs in the leftist machine's unending grasp for power. If and when they get it, it will be the end of the United States as founded, this nation that has evolved to become the greatest, freest nation on the planet. The freedom, the liberty those of us of a certain age have taken for granted for all our lives, will be denied to our children and grandchildren because the authoritarian left will have won. 

Biden has already embraced Bernie Sanders's socialist platform. If they win, it will be because too few Americans stood up against them. Know this: Whatever one thinks and feels about Trump, he is our only hope against the Democrats' socialist/communist onslaught. 

If Trump is defeated, if the socialist left wins, we will be overrun by illegal immigration from all over the world. People will be categorized by skin color and sexual orientation only. Nearly all citizens will be assigned some form of victim status, except white males. The Democrats will mandate equality of outcome. Merit will be a thing of the past. America will be over.

Image by Gage Skidmore, via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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