Lockdown exposes the chasm between the left and right

The shutdown of the U.S. economy, U.S. schools, and everyday life, allegedly dictated by the COVID-19 virus, has been a dream come true for the left.  Never before had leftists given a thought to the political potential of a flu epidemic or pandemic. Were Republicans remotely as diabolical as the Democrats, the H1N1 pandemic might have similarly plagued the Obama administration if they had acknowledged it. They did not; Obama ordered testing to cease to keep the numbers low.  But this time, the left, with Deep State help from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the corrupt CDC, and the wholly bought-and -paid-for-by-China WHO, President Trump was poorly and deceitfully ill advised to order the lockdown that devastated our booming economy, the booming economy the left could not abide.  They had to find a way to destroy it and they did. That is why the left sees the virus as a gift to be exploited and exploit it they have, just as they've exploited the death of George...(Read Full Post)
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