Support police and military for Independence Day!

Across the nation, Americans are anxiously struggling to comprehend the surreal scenes of disruption and disorder in many cities.  Progressives who advocate for "decarceration," and call to defund or eliminate police, are demanding that Americans embark to some Bizarre New World. No one defends the behavior of the officers who killed George Floyd.  The antidote to corrupt police is honest police, yet recently many officers have been subjected to abusive taunts, threats, and even physical assaults.  This is illogical, even immoral. In no way condoning police abuse, most Americans wish to recognize the sacrifices and commitment of our state and local police and their families.  Those who stand with integrity for our constitutional principles are the foundation of our free and secure society.  Current violent protests and anarchy only affirm this truth.  It is demoralizing to fault ethical law enforcement...(Read Full Post)
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