Obama turned John Lewis's funeral into a sleazy political event

Sometimes, heroes outlive themselves.  John McCain's reputation would have stood up better to scrutiny had he died a younger man.  The same is true for John Lewis.  In his heyday, he was a brave and honorable civil rights icon.  In his final years, he was an angry, dishonest partisan.  The younger Lewis would have been embarrassed by his funeral; the older Lewis would have reveled in it. The funeral took place at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.  Washington was left empty of Democrat politicians, for they were in Atlanta paying homage, which led some to wonder about their return home: John Lewis’s funeral was in Georgia. Dozens of Members of Congress were there. Georgia is on Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser’s list of states that require 2 week mandatory quarantine for 14 days Are these politicians going into quarantine, or are rules just for the little people? — Buck Sexton (@BuckSexton)...(Read Full Post)
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