Can Trumpism survive?

We know why Trump won the 2016 election.  Apart from Hillary Rodham Clinton's frivolous itinerary for snowflakes, the Republican elite had willfully ignored offshore manufacturing's corrosive desolation of local communities and underrated the ricochet effect of Obama's radicalism.  Can this political critique by Trump's forsaken middle of the nation build a new conservative narrative, or will Trumpism be a mere four-year flash in the pan?  The viability of the Republic may be at stake. According to political scientist Piero Ignazi, abandoned conservatives typically depend on a single charismatic leader, emerging beyond the party structure.  This leader attracts support through outspoken populist language (in Trump's case, his tweets).  Mobilization via mass rallies rather than grassroots participation is its defining characteristic.  Ignazi warns that seldom does the movement survive the leader's...(Read Full Post)
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