The epidemic of virtue-signaling: worse than COVID-19

The senseless killing of George Floyd has resulted in a flurry of breast-beating from people straining to outdo one another in expressing their wokeness by sharing sensationalistic hashtags and hammering into submission anyone who questions the narrative of systemic racism or (God forbid) the possibility that this homicide was not racially motivated. Some of these dissenters ingenuously defend themselves by itemizing their black friends, not realizing they are setting themselves up for an unwinnable back-and-forth display of intersectionality credentials.  In the final analysis, personal experience does not make anyone an "expert" on the needs and aspirations of anyone else.  A better strategy is to expose the attacker's outrage for the shallow and self-serving charade it really is. Virtue signaling is never about "standing up" for anyone because it never speaks truth to power.  Just as it took zero courage for...(Read Full Post)
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