The leftist mob of inadequates

Has America's long-storied love affair with the underdog finally gone too far?  If you rounded up a group of Antifa rioters and their soy-boy college-snowflake accompanists currently looting cities across the country and asked them why they hate our president so much, there's a strong chance their replies would come back along the lines of "he's a smug, uncouth, lying racist who is arrogant, inarticulate, buffoonish, and a bully.  He's a Nazi-KKK-fascist-Russian asset with plastic hair and orange skin, and...well, we just hate him."  However, if you injected sodium pentothal into them and put the polygraph on them, the deeply submerged, unvarnished answer might be that he represents — and champions — winners, and they know they are losers. 

They hate him because they envy him even as they subconsciously despise themselves.  He has a goddess for a wife while they sport hoodies and man buns, spouting inarticulate postmodernist drivel in a pathetic attempt to attract any available female — usually the ones driven by juvenile compassion and pathological altruism. 

Losing is far more often the outcome of human existence than winning — hence the Pareto Principle commonly known as the 80/20 rule.  Countless articles reflect what we all know: that misery loves company combined with the phenomenon known as schadenfreude, which has been widely documented and studied.  The legendary Andrew Breitbart once observed that "politics is downstream from culture."  If true, wouldn't it logically follow that culture is downstream from brain function?  Hopeful, happy aspirations about bringing Americans together, uniting us for a common purpose, shared humanity, etc., have been shattered as thoroughly as have the broken windows in countless storefronts in major cities.  Now BLM riots have spread around the world; last night, one broke out in Paris, as reported by Fox News. 

Driven by the economic realities of the 24-hour news cycle, media outlets focus only on the what and the where, but almost never on the why dimension.  Thirty years ago, University of Delaware psychologist Marvin Zuckerman observed:

Most of us are interested in disturbing events, but none are more riveted than those with a sensation-seeking personality type. They may be unaware of it, but people who are overly fascinated by the aberrant or macabre have a much more intense electrodermal response (a proxy for sweat) than others when watching gruesome news stories. More stimulated by terror, they're less able to regulate their physical or emotional responses to it. While others avoid or dislike the intensity, sensation-seekers crave it. Having a variant of the receptor gene for the neurotransmitter dopamine may play a role in their personality.

The members of Antifa, along with their fellow travelers, occupy adult bodies, yet inside they are poisonous, petulant, envious toddlers who were only partially raised by inept or absent parents.  When President Trump repeated from the rally stages that "[w]e're going to win, win, win so much that [we'll] get sick and tired of winning," the leftist mob of inadequates took it to heart, but they took it in a different direction from what Trump intended.  They wanted shared mediocrity, not meritocratic success.  Their insanity is not our fault, but it is our problem when they destroy property, livelihoods, and life itself in their raging madness.  If their goal is to make everyone as miserable as they are, then our goal must be to thwart that plan by any legal means necessary without apology.

Stop the taking of the knee by squishy police officers; they feed the crocodile in the failed hope that they will be eaten last.  Stop the caveats of condemnation of police brutality before each and every righteous condemnation of rioting — we get it already, and we all agree that George Floyd was murdered.  Speaking truth to power is a good idea, but Western conservatives need to understand that the power dynamics have shifted to the dark side.  Now we need to fight back before the wolf finally breaks though our door.  We owe it to our offspring and to the future of civilization to stand firmly against this insanity at all costs and wherever we find it.