The bizarre Democrat fetish with racial characterizations

One of the constants with the Democrat party has been its obsession with race.  Whether it was the 19th century's race-based slavery, the early 20th century's pro-white eugenics, or the mid-20th century's war on Americans of Japanese ancestry, Democrats never have been able to stop defining and valuing the world by skin color or other overt racial characteristics. Then, in 1963, Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream" speech, the one in which he imagined his children living in a world that valued their character over their color.  For a few decades, Democrats became less overt with their racial obsessions. Of late, though, the Democrats' racial obsessions have escalated to the point at which they are indistinguishable from their historic efforts to divide the world by skin color and then attach hierarchical values to those categorizations.  The New York Times might have reached the apex of its inability to...(Read Full Post)
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